11W Community Interview: Cincinnati Moeller Four-Star Tight End Jake Hausmann

By Jeremy Birmingham on August 18, 2015 at 2:15 pm
Jake Hausmann is your next Ohio State tight end.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

Cincinnati's Archbishop Moeller tight end Jake Hausmann, the country's 3rd-ranked tight end, committed to Ohio State in January. 

At Moeller, Hausmann earned his recruiting accolades with his college-ready frame and his ability to block as well as he can run and catch. The 6-foot-5, 240-pound tight end earned a spot at Nike's The Opening this summer and was part of team Lunarbeast, the 7-on-7 champions.

Today, Hausmann joins the 11W Community Interview series and talks recruiting, Cincinnati chili and more.

What other recruits have you been targeting personally?OSU Silver Bullets

JH: I have been in contact with Andrew Pryts a lot these past couple months. I've really just been trying to convince him that Ohio State is the place for him.

Have you and Luke Farrell thought of any sweet nicknames, like Shake n Bake or Magic Man and El Diablo? – JohnnyKozmo

JH: Luke and I have not thought about any crazy nicknames yet (laughs). I think we'll let the coaches or the fans worry about that.

What is your biggest goal for your senior season? – BuckeyeHub

JH: The biggest goal for our senior season is to bring back another state championship. We do have a lot of other team goals, like winning the GCL and going undefeated; but the ultimate goal is to be in Columbus week 15.

Skyline or Goldstar?  UDF or Graeters? Xavier or UC? Better looking girls MND or Ursuline? Dislike more ST.X or Elder? Better Beef Jeff Rubys or Montgomery Inn? – Thunderhawks51 and MacG91

JH: Skyline is for sure the better choice when it chili is the discussion, but I'd have to say Graeter's is your best bet for ice cream if you're willing to pay a little more. Growing up I had more friends that grew up UC fans, so definitely UC for me. My girlfriend went to Ursula, there I have to say them, and "X" is absolutely more hated by Moeller but Elder is a very close second. 

Montgomery Inn has some nice ribs but I don't think you can beat a Jeff Ruby steak.

It seems like of all the areas in Ohio, the Buckeyes have maybe the least success in Cincinnati. Why do you think that is? From what you've seen and heard, what is the perception of Ohio State relative to other programs that do well in recruiting Cincinnati? – PotatoDigger

JH: Ohio State hasn't been very popular in Cincinnati for whatever reason, and not just for recruits. Over the past couple of years though, there's been quite a bit of guys going up to Ohio State from Cincinnati. Michigan State seems to have the biggest pull from the area but I think for many years to come the Buckeyes will have just as many.

What's your plans on how to celebrate your first touchdown when you take it to the house, man? – Ronbizi

...the past two years I've worked really hard in the weight room...

JH: I'll give the ball back to the ref, get back for the point after then hug all of my big guys up front and my quarterback. After that, I'l start to think about how I can help my team score again.

With imitation being a form of flattery, were there any NFL/College tight ends you have grown up watching that you try to mold your game after? – EnonBuck79

JH: Brent Celek is probably the tight end I've watched the most and tried to take some of his technique and emulate it in my game. I've watched a lot of Jeff Heuerman from the past few years and studied his film as well.

Did Kyle Rudolph try to recruit you for Notre Dame?FunZone79

JH: I've never had any contact with Kyle, although that was a huge recruiting pitch for Notre Dame. They would always talk about how I could follow in the footsteps of a Cincinnati guy like him.

When did you know that tight end was going to be your permanent position? Did you play any other positions before or were you always a receiver? Codeezy79

JH: Around fifth or sixth grade, I was put at tight end and just fell in love with the position. Before then, I was always a running back or a fullback.

What are your strengths and weaknesses and how do you plan on improving those weaknesses? – BuckeyeCrusader

JH: I think that right now, my strengths are being a complete tight end. I work hard and I think I have good technique. In my freshman and sophomore years I struggled with getting a push off of the line, but in the past two years I've worked really hard in the weight room to adjust that. I need to continue working on it though because it will only keep getting harder from here.

Thank you everyone, I can't wait to get up to Columbus and to represent the scarlet and gray.

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