11W Community Interview: Cincinnati La Salle Punter Drue Chrisman

By Jeremy Birmingham on July 12, 2015 at 11:15 am
Drue Chrisman is the country's top punter for 2016.

The 11W Community Interview is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people. You submit the questions, vote on them, and then we pass the top ones on to the biggest names in the world of Ohio State athletics.

Despite having two more seasons of Cam Johnston in Columbus, Urban Meyer and the Buckeye coaching staff didn't want to risk letting Drue Chrisman get away. That's why, earlier this year, Ohio State offered the 6-foot-4, 200-pound punter from Cincinnati's La Salle high school despite never seeing him punt the ball in person.

In early June, Chrisman made his way to Columbus for a kicking camp at Ohio State and when the Ohio State staff, specifically Meyer and special teams coach Kerry Coombs, he impressed them with his willingness to learn on the fly as well as his natural physical gifts.

Today, the country's top-ranked 2016 punter takes your questions in the 11W Community Interview.

Whats the longest punt you've had in a game and practice?Toad1204

DC: My sophomore year I was able to get one behind a returner and it rolled for 70. I didn't beat that last year because I focused a lot more on hang time. At practice I hit an 80-yarder in the air but that was with a lot of wind (laughs).

What got you interested in punting in the first place?MN Buckeye

DC: I had always punted for every team I played on since I was young. I really started to take punting serious when I unfortunately had to undergo Tommy John surgery at the end of my freshman year from an injury while playing quarterback. Since I couldn't throw the ball during that time period I decided to kick it.

Being rated as the top punter in the country is impressive. What do you think you do better than other punters that helped you earn this distinction?FitzBuck

DC: The biggest difference between myself and other punters is my consistency. I'm sure someone has a stronger or more accurate leg than I do. I got my ranking by having very few bad hits at the camps I went to which kept my average high.

Being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, was it difficult to turn down an opportunity to play for Brigham Young University? Did the strong contingent of Mormons at Ohio State and the LDS Institute near campus factor in your decision?PotatoDigger

DC: Brigham Young University was very hard to turn down not just because of the religious factor but the phenomenal academic and athletic programs there. I actually visited the institute near campus in Columbus on one of my visits, which was very helpful in my decision. To be able see that there are very strong LDS members in Columbus to help me feel right at home.

The biggest difference between myself and other punters is my consistency.

If you weren't a punter what position would you like to play? Block330

DC: I have been a quarterback my whole life. So I would probably warm back up the old cannon (laughs).

What will be your major at Ohio State?ICouldNotGoFor3

DC: Right now I'm am planning on majoring in finance. But my mom is pushing pretty hard toward medicine and mom usually gets what she wants. So...we'll see.

 Are you a two-step punter? What's your average hang time? – Hetuck

DC: Yes, I'm a 'jab,' 1, 2. They didn't keep track of my hang time throughout the season but did at one of the camps I went to. Out of ten balls that I punted they had me averaging around 4.4 seconds per kick.

Without naming names, what is the most unusual thing a coach has said or done while recruiting you.YTownBucki

DC: I have had a pretty uneventful recruiting process, not really much along the lines of crazy recruits. Not sure if it's because I'm a punter but all the recruiting coaches were very respectful, aside from just the constant calling. I'm sure that is the same for most recruits. 

Do you feel that kickers/punters generate a lot of unwarranted criticism from pundits who do not understand the difficulties of the position? Do you feel they are rewarded with appropriate praise? - Cooper

DC: Just saying you are a punter or any kind of specialist you're almost guaranteed to be looked down upon to other positions. But, when you hit that game winning field goal or boom a punt from your own end zone? The praise will be there.

Who's the better athlete, you or your sister? Who wins a game of 1-on-1 in hoops?Folanator

DC: Lets just say I taught her everything she knows (laughs).

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