No Cap Pod: The Ridiculous Defamation of Justin Fields, Coach Prime, and Dad Milestones

By No Cap on February 26, 2021 at 8:45 am
No Cap, Episode 26

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's chillest podcast.

This week, the guys celebrate a huge dad milestone, break down the stupidity of the defamation of Justin Fields, say a nice thing about Michigan, marvel at Coach Prime, and warn you to never get into a fight when the floor is coated in urine.

00:50 Another Big Dad Milestone
04:00 Introducing #AskTyvis!
05:38 Get Your Free No Cap Stickers
06:26 The Defamation of Justin Fields
12:30 “At the End of the Day, Turn the Tape On”
18:43 The War Between Home and the Stadium
22:34 “That's a Terrible Game Right There”
29:10 Saying a Nice Thing About Michigan
34:20 The Big Ten Needs More Rivalry Trophies
35:43 But, Three Rivals are Two Too Many
37:13 Rule 1: Avoid Fighting Guy with Cauliflower Ear 
41:49 Coach Prime
49:52 WHAC Stories: Suplexing Kids in the Pool
53:26 Going for Three: This Man Can't Resist Breaking Quarterbacks

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