No Cap Pod: What Ohio State's Winter Workouts Are Really Like and That Time a Hoosier Tried to Bury Tyvis into the Turf

By No Cap on February 19, 2021 at 8:45 am
No Cap Episode 25

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's chillest podcast.

This week, the guys dive deep into what winter workouts are really like for Ohio State football players, spend some time appreciating the hell out of the Gold Jerseys on the line for the basketball team, reminisce about the time a Hoosier buried Tyvis into the turf, and bid farewell to Baby Cam Newton.

01:07 The Dairy Queen that Opens Early for Tyvis' Birthday
02:16 Can You Cut Them Some Slack? It's on Mars!
03:20 Free No Cap Stickers
05:02 A Day in the Life of Winter Workouts
07:00 You Ain't in Your Right Mind
08:55 “If You're Gonna Die… Die with Some Guys You Like”
09:44 One Simple Trick to Drive Coach Mick Nuts
12:30 Skip the Free Stuff and Head to Chipotle
14:14 Zach Wilson over Justin Fields? And What Round Will Shaun Wade Go?
18:09 “They Made Me Do the Drills First”
27:09 If You Go 4–0, You Gotta Ice Out the Collars of the Jerseys
30:51 The Rare Dual-Sport Offer
34:18 “That'll Put a Lot of Booties in the Seats”
35:40 Taking One for the Team
46:05 “You're Talking About Some Grown Men, Now”
49:43 WHAC Stories: Buried into the Turf
55:14 Going for Three: So Long, Baby Cam

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