No Cap Pod: Welcoming the #Hashtag #DC Era and Why It's Okay to Boost Your Own Madden Rating

By No Cap on February 5, 2021 at 8:45 am
No Cap, Episode 23

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's handsomest podcast.

This week, the guys welcome in the #hashtag #DC era, fill you in on Parker Fleming's insane smarts, cast a side-eye towards National Signing Day, and explain in great detail why it's absolutely okay to edit your own Madden rating.

00:57 “I Got a Lot of Greatness in Me”
01:53 One Day Greater than Mike
05:08 So, You're Lined Up Across from Mahomes…
06:16 We're Givin' Stuff Away
08:05 “Parker's Really a Genius”
09:15 How Does Ohio State Not Take Them to the House More?
10:49 “If You Know Him, You Have No Choice but to Root for Him”
12:55 To Better Years
15:45 National Signing Day Got Weird
18:07 “Where Do I Sign?!”
20:21 Finessing a Vacation Visit
22:55 Not Messing with Sharks
31:56 Setting Up the Rematch We All Want to See
33:20 Boosting Your Own Madden Rating
40:40 WHAC Stories: “I Got Up, Signed the Ball, and Took a Selfie!”
45:47 Going for Three: The Hopium Flows

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