No Cap Pod: Chris Olave's Master Plan and Revisiting the Great Quarterback Social Media Beef of 2018

By No Cap on January 22, 2021 at 8:45 am
Chris Olave graces the cover of No Cap, Episode 21

No Cap, featuring Tyvis Powell and Jason Priestas, is back with another episode of the internet's slickest podcast.

This week the guys outline Chris Olave's plan for a very good, completely amazing season, slot Dwayne Haskins into the AFC North Funhouse, forecast Ohio State's 2021 depth chart, and revisit the Great Quarterback Social Media Beef of 2018.

00:56 One Giant Leap for Parentkind
02:54 Vonn Bell Gives the Best Gifts
04:06 “Gonna Buy a Piece of the Browns and then Hire Myself”
06:16 Dwayne Stuck the Landing
10:41 The AFC North Funhouse
13:07 A Shorter Chase (You Gotta be Petty)
16:47 Chris Olave's Plan
21:50 Projecting a Depth Chart for 2021
26:50 Developing a Shake
37:05 “I Felt Like I Robbed a Bank When I Got to the League”
38:47 A Man Might Have Died, but There's a Race to Win
40:55 What Ohio State's Losing with Ryan Stamper's Departure
43:22 “I'm Trading the Pick to Get Deshaun Watson”
45:38 $40 Million to Do Nothing
49:39 The Return of Tathan!
53:49 WHAC Stories: “Tear it Up!”
52:31 Going for Three: The QB Whimperer

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