Killer Hoodies and Tees on Sale Now at Eleven Warriors Dry Goods

By 11W Dry Goods on October 23, 2019 at 7:00 am
Hoodies on Sale at Eleven Warriors Dry Goods

It's getting chilly and you need a new hoodie. We're here to help.

Both the Eleven Warriors Black Hoodie and the Vintage Seal Hoodie are on sale for $34 each. That's more than 40 percent off the retail price of these beauts which will serve you well in the months ahead.

Better yet: No discount code is needed. Boom!

Oh, and to celebrate the arrival of the new sale section of the shop, we've tossed in a pair of killer tees, also available at a solid discount.

Oh, the rest of the catalog is still available too, of course. Make sure you check out our new stickers, which ship for free, whether you buy one or 100.