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11W Feature Idea

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February 1, 2019 at 2:13pm

I work in IT and frequent a website called StackOverflow on a daily basis. Those who work in the industry are probably very familiar with it. 

Anyways, a couple features I really like on SO is the stack ranking based on points in various intervals and badges earned that could potentially draw parallels to the Helmet Sticker upvotes (and downvotes) each member on 11W receives for their contributions.

As a member of 11W, I would like to see how my accrual of upvotes/downvotes ranks with other members on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis so that I may see where my engagement ranks with other members of the site during those intervals.

As a member of 11W, I would like to earn badges based on my accrual of upvotes/downvotes so that I may see what my specialties are relative to other members of the 11W community. 

It's my understanding we can see rankings based on all-time engagement, but it'd be cool to see where people rank on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis as well.

It'd also be cool to earn badges (gained +100 helmet stickers in one week, logged in every day for 30 days, loss -100 helmet sticker in one week, posted a forum thread that gained 100 responses etc.) and see everyone else's badges so we know what each of us contributes to the community. 

I think this would benefit 11W as well in order to drive clicks for revenue. 

Just my thoughts but I'd like to hear from others if they have input. My apologies if this has already been discussed as well. I looked but couldn't find anything.


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