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Comment 10 Apr 2019

But then Chris Rock - not that Chris Rock - arrived in Ann Arbor right around the time Zach Boren was finishing up in Columbus

I work with C Rock and cannot tell you how many new people ask him questions re: his shared celebrity name. Very akin to the Michael Bolton scene in Office Space. Pretty cringe worthy but he's a good dude and takes each question like it's the first time he's heard it.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Why are so many people, completely unaffected by this petition, dishing their lazy, stereotype-based takes? Yea, it's kind of funny to see a petition floating around to cancel school, but it has literally no affect on any of our lives outside those student, faculty, and staff members of 11W. 

Being cold sucks. Let the kids do their damn thing. 

- 30 year old OSU Alumnus

Comment 23 Jan 2019

I think, as an exercise, this post and subsequent comments reveal a few things:

- a louder fan experience is appreciated by the majority of people who've posted here.

- "older" and "younger" are better defined in this case as mindsets, not as age attributes. sure they align with age stereotypes, but based on posts here taken at face-value, age is not a determining factor towards contributing to a loud fan experience.

- said stereotypes deduce that "older" mindsets contribute negatively to a loud fan experience, "younger" mindsets contribute positively to a loud fan experience.

- while the majority of posts here are in favor of a "younger" fan experience, there's neither indication nor coordination from the venue as to which experience the host university prefers. it's safe to infer profit maximization is a priority given the rise in ticket prices to match demand. 

With that said, I ask: with potentially-competing priorities between the venue and fans, why are we as fans going after each other's throats about age? We're fighting the wrong battle as far as I'm concerned. This is something, as fans, we should take up with the host and ask for clear indication as to what kind of fan experience it wants to foster.

Comment 18 Nov 2018

people downvoting you are doing so out of pure emotion. i agree. he quit. he chose to pull out of school and focus on something else. 

if i pulled out of college entirely due to whatever in order to study for my real estate license on my own time, would people say i quit on college? i’d think so. why would the evaluation be any different for Nick Bosa?

he made a choice. why are people rationalizing it for him? what does having a successful, albeit short, career for your favorite college football team have to do with the facts? he got injured. he was evaluated. he chose to leave school entirely based on that evaluation. thus, he quit. whether or not he was going to play again has nothing to do with the choice he made. he had two choices to make at the point of evaluation. and he chose to quit. no harm. no foul. but stop rationalizing the choice someone you don’t even know made for themselves because he wore your school colors. doing so makes zero sense. 

just look at the facts. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018

he pulled out of school in favor of training for the NFL. what part of that doesn’t constitute quitting?

whether he was slated to be okay in 4 weeks or 12 weeks, he could’ve been there to support his teammates, doing everything he could that didn’t involve going out there and doing it himself. he chose not to do that. he chose to leave them. 

now notice i’m not saying he’s right or wrong. that’s a matter of debate i won’t entertain. i don’t know Nick Bosa and i’ll never pretend to put myself in his shoes. 

 but look at the facts. he stopped doing something entirely in order to do something else. that’s called evaluating opportunity costs. that requires quitting one thing in order to do anything. 

put emotion aside and look at the facts. he quit. 

Comment 18 Nov 2018


i know many mature, upstanding military members that do great things. rebuilding schools and making sure children make it to said school safely is adult material. i also know many immature members of the armed services that do more harm to foreign relations than good. filling gatorade bottles with urine and pouring them on children is immature. i consider the later kids. every profession has them. stop with the hyperbole and chest thumping. being a veteran doesn’t give you the soapbox to speak for the entirety of your former profession. that said, i am glad to hear you served along side many great people. 

i am not confused so i’ll say it again. holding a rifle doesn’t make you an adult.