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Comment 14 Aug 2019

Mattison said he did not want to judge Ohio State's defensive performance from last year and said Greg Schiano is a "great defensive coordinator." He also said he isn't concerned about last year's stats, pointing out onceagain that the Buckeyes went 13-1 last year, and said the only stat he cares about is points.

I understand the context of the question, but it concerns me that the only stat that matters to him is on the scoreboard. I get it. The final score matters, but the final score is a RESULT of a lot of smaller, detailed stats. Penalties/yds, missed tackles, YAC, etc.. Let's not forget the Buckeye's playoff hopes were in question well before the Purdue game, not because of W/Ls or points, but because of those detailed stats that bubbled up to W/Ls and final scores..     

Comment 09 Aug 2019
I think that says more about the audience than anything. If we've learned anything about journalism in the digital age, it's that outlets give people what they want. But there are people still out there that enjoy a true deep dive into a story with original content and fact-based elaborations.
Comment 08 Aug 2019
Perhaps, but I see sites like The Intercept make it happen. Although they might be venture-backed, not entirely sure.
Comment 15 Jul 2019

Brady Quinn at a Coffman 7-on-7, Max Schmidt when playing UA at lacrosse, and Nick Kellogg during pick up at the Westerville Athletic Center. Each a monster in their own right. Super talented guys that expedited my journey to picking up books and learning skills outside the field of play.

Comment 10 Apr 2019

But then Chris Rock - not that Chris Rock - arrived in Ann Arbor right around the time Zach Boren was finishing up in Columbus

I work with C Rock and cannot tell you how many new people ask him questions re: his shared celebrity name. Very akin to the Michael Bolton scene in Office Space. Pretty cringe worthy but he's a good dude and takes each question like it's the first time he's heard it.

Comment 29 Jan 2019

Why are so many people, completely unaffected by this petition, dishing their lazy, stereotype-based takes? Yea, it's kind of funny to see a petition floating around to cancel school, but it has literally no affect on any of our lives outside those student, faculty, and staff members of 11W. 

Being cold sucks. Let the kids do their damn thing. 

- 30 year old OSU Alumnus