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Daniel Jeremiah Mock Draft 1.0(Edit-Added Bucky Brooks Mock)

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January 20, 2023 at 8:27pm

Daniel Jeremiah released his first mock draft for the 2023 draft. For those that don't know him he used to work as a scout for the Ravens, Browns, and Eagles before jumping into the media. His mock drafts tend to be much more reliable compared to most media pundits by watching film himself and talking to contacts in NFL organizations. Here are interesting picks from his first mock:

  • #1 Bears- DT Jalen Carter- DJ says they obviously will be looking to trade down and doesnt even entertain the idea of drafting a QB. He has Carter and Will Anderson as equally elite prospects but a DT at this level is more rare than an edge player
  • #2 Texans- QB Bryce Young- First QB off the board with positives being accuracy, athleticism, and play making. Size is the huge negative.
  • #4 Colts- QB Will Levis- Wild even DJ has him this high. Vegas odds also support this. Levis has elite traits and has shown everything you could ever want from a QB on film. Just has no consitency and a lot of bad stuff. DJ thinks the way the Colts operate they would prefer the high upside QB.
  • #6 Lions- CB Devon Witherspoon-A different description ive seen is "Whiterspoon is everything people pretend Kelee Ringo is."  Super athletic, physical, and high instinct who is the real CB1 of the class.
  • #7 Raiders- OT Peter Skoronski- The OT1 of the draft everything is elite except for hieght/length.
  • #8 Falcons- DE Lukas Van Ness-Interesting I hadnt seen his name at all in other mocks and he is top 10 here. Very versatile and explosive pass rusher. Can be used at DE or DT.
  • #9 Panthers- QB CJ Stroud- Probably a worst case scenario for Stroud. Panthers have exhausted resources trying to find a QB just to pick one up here. Terrible roster, owner, and no stability. DJs evaluation says Stroud is big, has a strong arm, and elite accuracy. His flaws are creativity and playmaking but he showed those against UGA so its an interesting study.
  • #11 Titans- OT Paris Johnson- Awesome landing spot for Paris Johnson to play with Vrabel and NPF on the other side. Think this would be a good fit. Evaluation is elite size/length/athleticism but needs to improve strength and knee bend. Paris Johnson is young for an OL. 
  • #22 Ravens- QB Anthony Richardson- Interesting the former Ravens guy with plenty of friends there has this pick. Said the Ravens want LJ but arent budging and will likely be tagging him. This pick gives the Ravens leverage to develop a QB behind Lamar incase they cant extend him.
  • #27 Bengals- TE Darnell Washington-At 6'7" 270 Washington basically allows the Bengals to have a 6th OL on the field every play with upside to develop into a good pass catcher. I think this would be an awesome pick for the Bengals.
  • #31 Eagles- WR Jaxson Smith Njigba-Surprised to see him drop this far but he is a slot only receiver who sat out his junior year. 


  • No trades makes the top 10 interesting, doubt Stroud falls all the way to 9. Two QBs are probably gone by pick 2. Texans are probably going to get Stroud when Bears trade down from #1.
  • Interesting DJ has the Seahawks, Lions, and Raiders passing on a QB. Plenty of veteran options but would those teams really pass on Stroud to roll forward with Geno Smith, Jared Goff, and Dereck Carr?
  • TE seems to be a very talented position with Dalton Kincaid, Michael Mayer, and Darnell Washington going in the first


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