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NBA Draft Lottery Thoughts

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May 14, 2019 at 10:26pm

Did anyone catch the draft lottery tonight? As a Cavs fan I was hoping they could somehow strike gold again but knew that it was very unlikely that would happen again. At the very least wanted them to stay in the top 3, but they fell to 5th. Somehow the Lakers jumped to 4th, Grizzlies to 2nd and Pelicans won the lottery. Cavs, Knicks and Suns had a combined 42% to win lottery and none of those teams finished top 2. I did a little calculation, which I think is correct about what the odds were that the order would be what it is and it’s well under 1%. Don’t take this as me saying it’s rigged or anything but just wanted to share. 

New Orleans - 6%
Memphis - 6.3%
New York - 12.7%
Los Angeles - 2.8%
Cleveland - 27.8%
Phoenix - 26.0%
Chicago - 16.8%
Atlanta - 8.8%
Washington - 3.8%
Atlanta - 24.3%
Minnesota - 18.9%
Charlotte - 86.1%
Miami - 90.6%
Boston - 95.2%

Odds: 0.000000001862%

Let me know what you guys thought about the lottery. 

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