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January 2, 2018 at 8:11am

I was reading an article on Cleveland.com this morning written by Terry Pluto about DeShone Kizer and the Brown's quarterback problem, and it really got me thinking. In the article, Terry mentions how Brian Kelly said in an interview before last years draft that Kizer could have really used another year in college and that he didn't think he was ready for the NFL. At the time this seemed like a weird comment from a very jaded and bitter football coach, but after watching Kizer this year it definitely seems like Kelly had a point. 

So here's my question: Let's say, hypothetically, that Kizer had realized he wasn't ready and gone back to Notre Dame for another year. I don't think that anyone could argue that Notre Dame wasn't significantly improved this season, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that Kizer would have enjoyed an exceptional season at the helm of a team that might have made an even better push for the playoffs with him running the offence. In this scenario, you have an older, more mature, better developed Kizer entering this year's draft in a year where Darnold has all the talent in the world, but kind of looked like last year's Kizer at times, and Rosen has basically come out and stated that he doesn't want to play for the Browns. If this were the case, would we be looking at the Browns taking Kizer #1 overall and basically being in the same boat they are right now? It's kind of crazy to think about.

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