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WaPo ranks "Best Beer in Baseball". Ohio kicks ASS!

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August 10, 2014 at 12:01am

The Washington Post ran a story ranking "The Best Beer in Baseball". To anyone who lives in Ohio, it probably came as no surprise that that the two Ohio teams came in 2nd and 3rd nationally (only behind Seattle) in stadium beer selection. Whether it's Great Lakes Brewing Co. (Elliot Ness is my personal favorite) in Cleveland or Christian Moerlein in Cincinnati (Over-The-Rhine is a personal favorite), Ohio has some kick ass beers (Including multiple "World Class" ranked beers from BeerAdvocate.com). Oh, and for all of you Yankee haters, they ranked 30 out of 30 in the MLB for beer rankings. Check out the story and give it a read if you get the time.


I guess I wasn't surprised in these rankings considering all of the great breweries out here. What are some of your favorite local brews that you would like to recommend to your fellow 11Wers?

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