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Somehow Passed 11W Vetting Process

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June 27, 2014 at 3:41pm

Greetings all, and go bucks! I've been essentially an 11W voyeur for approximately two years. I'm finally stepping out from the shadows and joining in. (This should in no way be associated with the recently seen half naked Andy Vance). As an introduction, I'd like to share a few of my favorite moments from OSU games I've attended.

Traveling with the team on the charter to Illinois, and witnessing a late arriving (RB) Derek Combs hold up the entire convoy from the hotel to the stadium. Then taking over an Illinois local radio station's tailgating tent because the guy at the entrance was an OSU grad letting Buckeye fans in secretly without proper credentials.

Watching the most underrated starting 5 in NCAA history (Kelvin Ransey, Carter Scott, Clark Kellogg, Jim Smith and Herb Williams) put on amazing b-ball displays in St. John's.

Out numbering the UW fans in Seattle, and shamefully trying to explain (and distance myself from) the white cowboy gear clad Buckiguy to the UW fans.

Watching Scoonie Penn line it up, then dunk just before halftime against Iowa in the Schott. A sight that apparently only I saw take place.

Doing the O H I O stadium cheer in Cal stadium last season and listening to them whine about our band being too loud. Also taking over every dining establishment in the city of Berkeley.

Jim Jackson feeds Treg Lee for the game winner vs Indiana.

Beating *ichigan to earn a trip to the 2002 national championship, and refusing the opportunity to be maced and taze'd simultaneously by not going on the field to join the celebration.

Watching Bobby Olive catch a last second TD pass in the Shoe to beat LSU after many Buckeye "faithful" had left.


I look forward to joining in the creativity, excellence and occasional gif party that 11W has added to my OSU fan-dom. I may not be as active as others, but trust I'll be watching.












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