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Cross Country Skiing Drama

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March 22, 2014 at 8:35am

So let me preface this by saying I am in no way able to compete in, or even complete a Cross Country Skiing event, and do not mean to offend anyone who participates in the sport.  Think of this, as a conversation you would have around 1:30am at a bar with a group of buddies.


While watching the Winter Olympics, specifically Cross Country Skiing, it just struck me as a little odd to see the competitors collapse immediately after finishing the race, as if they had been shot by one of Putin's thugs.  I get that it's an exhausting race, and that they are pushing their bodies to the limits-no denying that.  Also, there has to be a great deal of emotion and adrenaline that is released upon finishing.  The question I am raising, is that aren't they being a little dramatic?  I mean, they are Olympic athletes, who have 4 years to train for a single event.  It's not like they are training for a 5 mile race, and show up in Sochi, and SURPRISE, it's a 20 mile race!!!  A comparison would be a WR or RB running 80yds for a Touchdown, and really, it's no big deal, go back to sidelines, no oxygen or anything-they train for those types of plays.  Versus a DL who picks up a fumble and goes 80yds, may need a stretcher to get back to the sidelines, because they only train the majority of the time for 3-6sec bursts, covering 10-20yds tops.


Once again, I wrote this being extremely tongue in cheek, sarcastic and humorous, and not really being all that serious.  Just curious what everyone else thought.

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