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2018 Class Could Be As Great As The 2017 Class (Part VI)

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June 14, 2017 at 11:03pm

New thread for "the data users." Thanks for the template and original thread 305Buck and for part 2 Osu992 and for part 3 OSULewis and part 4 BumJuiceIsBetter and part 5 SpoonerBuck33
With the 2017 class being pretty much done since the Summer, Ohio State has had a head start on most schools at 2018 recruiting and the 2018 recruiting class could be just as good, if not better than the 2017 class. As of this moment, Ohio State is in a great spot for these following recruits:
QB- Emory Jones* (5 star, #1 DT-QB) RB- Brian Snead* (top 100, #4 RB),  Zamir White (5 star, #1 RB) HB- Jaelen Gill* (4.5 star, #3 APB) WR- Brennan Eagles (5 star, #4 WR), Kamryn Babb (top 50, #7 WR), Jahan Dotson (top 100, #15 WR) TE- Jeremy Ruckert (top 100, #2 TE) OL- Jackson Carman (5 star, #1 OT), Jamaree Salyer (5 star, #1 OG), Matthew Jones (top 50, #4 DT, recruited by OSU for OL), Max Wray* (top 100, #4 OT) DL- Micah Parsons (5 star, #1 WDE), Taron Vincent* (5 star, #1 DT), Brenton Cox* (5 star, #2 SDE) LB- Teradja Mitchell (4 star, #2 ILB, top 40), Palaie Gaoteote (5 star), Solomon Tuliaupupu (top 100, #3 ILB), Dallas Gant* (top 100, #1 OLB according to 247) CB- Anthony Cook (5 star, #2 CB), Houston Griffith (top 100, #8 CB), Sevyn Banks* (top 200 +1), Tyson Campbell (4 star, #4 CB, top 30), S- Jaiden Woodbey* (5 star, #3 S), Josh Proctor* (top 100, #7 S)
Premier player bubble: ATH- Blue Smith (top 150, #4 ATH); TE- Leonard Taylor (top 200, #8 TE); DL- Tyreke Smith (top 150, #8 WDE); OL- Verdis Brown (top 200, #6 OC), Fredrick Scruggs (top 200, #9 OC) Xavier Peters (top 250, fast rising OLB)
*committed to OSU **committed elsewhere, flip flip flipadelphia
This list will of course change, players will decline and others will rise, new names emerge as names we know now will disappear or pick someone else. And with most of these recruits being from out of state, you never know what will happen. They all could end up elsewhere, but right now Ohio State is heavily in on every recruit listed and leads for some as well.
What did I get right, wrong, and what are your thoughts on how this class finishes out? Do we finish #1 with the highest rating per recruit ever? We're on a good pace for it.

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