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Jerome Baker....

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July 6, 2014 at 11:30pm

Guys, I know many of you saw my tweet from earlier, but if you didn't, here it is:

Now, I know there's a train of thought that says it's just a suspense-building move by Baker's camp, but in my time talking with Jerome I've never really picked up the "game playing" vibe from him as he's always been very honest with assessment of things. I've heard from a couple of different people close to the OSU side of things and they're (Ohio State) definitely not feeling as confident as you'd think they would be in this situation.

With less than 5 days until a decision, Baker's up in the air, and although I'll keep my Buckeye "Crystal Ball" pick until the end here, I'm legitimately thinking Florida could be the eventual winner. DJ Durkin, Florida's LB coach, is from Ohio and has done a good job cultivating his relationship with Baker and numbers at the position definitely favor the Gators. If Baker's family gets on board with Florida, that would be a huge, huge swing in the Fighting Muschamp's direction. 

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