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Next Commit, Joe Burrow!

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May 27, 2014 at 1:59pm

Hey everyone!  I'm a long time fan of the site, but this is my first time commenting since I never really have any news to add living in Nebraska.

Anyway, take this for what it's worth.  My buddy works with Joe Burrow's uncle.  His uncle is saying that Urban visited Joe over the weekend and offered him a scholarship.  Apparently, Joe has recently accepted.  Would that make him our 2nd or backup QB that we wanted behind Gibson?

I'm told that Joe was a Nebraska fan growing up, and he never received an offer from them so he committed to us so he can get back at them.  You have to love a kid with extra motivation, if true.

I hope I'm not feeding you all BS.  This is just the buzz around the cornhusker state.

Go Bucks!

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