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There's Optimism and "momentum" for a 14-team Playoff

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February 28, 2024 at 7:48pm


Is this really something that any of us want or need?

I love how they try to subconsciously position this as a great thing they are "optimistic" about happening and also saying we "need" it.

Neuheisal and Childress were throwing this possibility out of an expanded CFP  a few weeks ago (they hate it) and also further expansion of the already huge NCAA basketball March Madness tournament.

Neuheisal an Childress also mentioned something about the CFP will start charging PSL fees at the beginning of seasons where you have to pay that license fee if you want a chance to buy tickets IF your team makes the playoff.  If your team makes it you will have a right to buy tickets at market prices for the games they play in.  If not, you're out the PSL money.  They threw a figure out of $200 for PSL's for the CFP.  But they indicated that the current plans they're hearing is for some sort of dynamic pricing for the CFP PSL's where teams with large fan bases and a high chance to reach the playoffs would pay more and smaller schools PSL's would be lower.  Of course the tickets for the actual games will be over and above the PSL cost.

All of this CFP expansion is nothing more than another huge revenue stream for the CFP.  I think it's going to make the post season product worse and also a lot more expensive.


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