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December 9, 2023 at 6:00pm

I’ve been a member of Eleven Warriors for a few years and enjoy following OSU football. The goals are clear and we want to see the team accomplish them each year. It’s no secret that beating TTUN, winning the BIG, and the national championship every season is the standard that OSU is measured against. I do wonder if there is a growing percentage of fans that have tied to much of their self worth to the success of the football team? Many fans seem to be panicking that OSU hasn’t offered every talented player that enters the portal, acting like the coaching staff and team don’t want to succeed, etc. How many fans have gotten to the point where watching OSU games is more stressful than fun? Maybe I’m nostalgic, but I think back to the 2002 season and wonder how much of this fanbase would be happy winning a national title in the way OSU did that season with so many close games? There are things that need changed, but sometimes I think we lose perspective and fail to realize that every program outside of Georgia and Alabama would love to be where we’re at. 

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