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Comment 30 May 2020

I had a Bucknuts subscription for about a year, but realized that Eleven Warriors provided more in depth articles on recruiting, game plan breakdowns, and interviews from recruits with just better overall content. 

Who are the insiders at Bucknuts now? The majority of their contributors seem to be glorified fans and Bill Kurelic whose articles are essentially recruit x has a 50% chance of coming to OSU, but he really likes LSU too and I’m not sure where the crystal ball should be. The discussion on the board quickly devolves into name calling and bullying at times as well. That happens here to, but the mods seem to do a better job of getting the conversation back on track.  Just not sure what Bax, Duane, Dave and Bill offer from s content standpoint to pay $150/year. 

Comment 26 May 2020

Texas has talent, but I just don’t see enough top flight depth to make a CFP run. The QB Ehlinger is not an accurate passer and really struggles to read a defense. Who is their RB going to be? It could be Bijan Robinson, but who knows how productive he will be in his first season. The WR core with Brennan Eagles and Colin Johnson has potential. I see Texas having a 9-3 type season due to lack of depth in their defense and Tom Herman’s stale offense. 

Comment 25 May 2020

This is correct! There are many fans that want the TE to be a leading receiver, which is understandable because of the mismatches that can be created.

Which TE on the roster the last 4-5 years was good enough to take receiving opportunities from Johnnie Dixon, Paris Campbell, Chris Olave, Bi Victor, Austin Mack, etc?

Which future TE do fans want to take opportunities from Julian Fleming, Gee Scott, Moolie Cooper, Garrett Wilson?

We have seen Jeremy Ruckert and Luke Farrell come up with timely catches and blocks to spring their fellow WRs and running backs free on big gains. Dwayne Haskins and Justin Fields have thrown 91 touchdowns over the past two years and more than 9,000 yards. The “we don’t use the TE,” argument is tired and old. 

Comment 12 May 2020

Based on film, Zach Evans was the best 2020 running back in the country, but talent was never the issue. Alabama, LSU, OSU, Georgia, etc, all passed on signing Evans. I think he can mature and be a great RB at TCU, but the staff got Trey Sermon to provide starting capability/depth for 2020 and the best RB haul for 2021 so all will be well.

Comment 06 Apr 2020

We all want to see sustained success that includes Final Four runs, elite eight, Big 10 Championships, etc. it takes time to build a program, get the roster in place, and develop a successful system. Yes, I would like to see less transfers, but this is a common issue in college basketball. If OSU has another 10 loss January then it is time to question Holtman. I liked Coach Matta, but he crippled the program the last few years with poor recruiting, roster management, and an inability to coach. I think Holtman is still trying to build that depth. 

Comment 06 Feb 2020

Dantonio decided to leave MSU at a terrible time because most of the coaches that they could have at least been in talks with have moved onto greener pastures with other programs. MSU needs to hire a coach with an offensive mind that can revitalize that side of the ball and bring instant credibility. 

If I was the Athletic Director at MSU, I would reach out to Clemson OC Tony Elliott and see if he is interested in running his own programs. It would be a tough pull considering that Clemson just made him the highest paid OC, but he is known to be a good recruiter and we have all seen what Clemson's offense is capable of. Plus, he does have 2 national title and multiple ACC championships that he could use to convince recruits that he knows how to build a championship program. 

Comment 24 Jan 2020

I am not sure what is going on with this particular team, but they make playing basketball so challenging. They do not take good shots within the flow of the offense. OSU's offense in a nutshell is passing the ball around the perimeter for 20 seconds and then heaving up a wild shot or trying to force the ball to Kaleb Wesson. It's almost like they think driving to the basket for a layup or driving to the basket and kicking out to an open shooter is against the rules. I cannot remember the last time Ohio State had a basket in transition or played an aggressive defense to try to generate turnovers. Holtman should only recruit players that can shoot over 50% in each of their high school seasons and teach them how to play defense. OSU seems to be recruiting players that can play defense, but have to be taught how to shoot the ball. 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Is there another board that focuses on weather as much as Eleven Warriors? Justin Fields first fumble was caused by Lamont Wade striking the ball with his helmet as Fields was reaching towards the goal line. The second Fields fumble was again a PSU defender making a good tackle and Fields worrying about his hand. Dobbins fumble was him trying to do too much. Yes, OSU ran the ball more than usual, but some of that could have been dictated by the looks the defense, scrambles on pass plays, and the coaches not wanting to risk another turnover. Rain may have played a role, but there were other factors at play too.

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Last year’s defense was a product of the coaches not putting the players in a position to succeed. Schiano failed to adjust to the players that he had on defense and insisted on playing man coverage all of the time out of mostly the same alignment. As for Grinch, his defenses at WSU always got gouged when they played an offense with a pulse. The same thing is occurring at Oklahoma. Last year’s defensive coaches were fired save Larry Johnson because Day knew that they could not produce an elite defense. It was coaching last year as the defense with the same players has gone from 75th nationally in most categories to 1st or 2nd.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

Rankings at this point in the season are not really that meaningful. The AP and Coaches Polls provide some interesting chatter and a way to gauge who the top 4 teams might be in the first CFP Poll, but they are not as useful as they were during the BCS era. As Buckeye fans, we want to see OSU in the CFP and if the semi-final games were occurring next weekend, then they would be in. OSU has 5 games left before the final CFP rankings come out and PSU, TTUN, and whoever the BIG game opponent is will not be easy matchups. I think that OSU winning each game by 40 points and playing the best complementary football makes them the #1 team in the country right now, but it is not like the teams in front of them are only winning games by a couple of points. Alabama is blowing people out, Clemson is starting to come around after a slow start, and LSU is undefeated against a good schedule. The final CFP rankings will be much different 5 weeks from now anyway. I just want OSU to be one of the 4 contenders. 

Comment 29 Sep 2019

I agree. Our starters are only playing about a half of football because they are beating teams so badly. People can talk about strength of schedule all they want, but you have to beat the teams in front of you. We are beating teams by 35 plus points and the best part is that the coaches and players recognize that there is still room to improve. 

Comment 27 Sep 2019

I do not know about the inter-dynamics of their locker room, so I am not sure if it is a culture issue or anything like that. Given the clips provided, it looks like the defensive lineman for TTUN are out of position before the ball is snapped and as a result never get their feet in the right position to get off blocks and into the backfield. Clip one shows the linebacker #29 leave about 2 yards of space between himself and #2, which enables the left guard for Wisconsin to easily block the linebacker at the angle as soon as he stands up, which creates the path for Coan to get into the endzone. Right now TTUN is a team that cannot block on offense or tackle on defense. If you cannot do these two things in football at a high level then losing games becomes a regularity. 

Comment 26 Sep 2019

It would be ideal to get 2 QBs in this class. The depth chart is Fields, Chugonov, Hoak, Andrade (walk on), Vanatsky (walk on) and that is not a lot of depth. This is Chugonov's last year and Hoak only has one more year of eligibility after this one. If another QB outside of Miller is not added then we have a future depth chart of Miller and McCord since Hoak graduates next year and Fields could turn pro. Stroud gives the coaches another versatile QB who can run and throw, which is needed for the good of the position. Miller has been injured, but he has the tools and talent to be an All-American QB for OSU and hopefully he stays in this class. 

Comment 24 Sep 2019

Do you see Miller and Stroud in the class? I know Miller has been injured, but I think he could be an All American in Day’s system.

Comment 23 Aug 2019

I agree with this. The commentators on College Gameday say a lot without really saying much of substance. I would like to see a guest college coach on that show who does not have a stake in any of the big games of the day who can give a X's and O's break down of the key matchups and get on the white board and show what schemes of offense and defense each team will try to employ. The coach could even give a break down of how to stop those schemes of defense and how the offense would adjust. 

Comment 03 Aug 2019

When you win 2 out of the last 3 national championships, send guys to the NFL, and maintain a cohesive coaching staff that is on the same page recruiting takes care of itself. Clemson also has excellent facilities and academics that are good enough as well. I know many fans don’t like Dabo Swinney, but I think it’s only due to the fact that Clemson boat raced OSU two years in a row.

Comment 02 Aug 2019

When comparing the film, I do think EJ Smith is the more talented player and with his dad being one of if not the top NFL RBs of all time, it is difficult to pass on blood lines like that. However, the staff cannot get caught in a place again where they go all in on Bradford and Smith only to have them decide that they want to go somewhere else. In Drennen's film, he does a good job running routes, catching the ball in traffic, and running the ball. He does not have breakaway speed though and that is where EJ Smith would have the edge. I do think that for an APB the staff is looking for a player who can run the ball between the tackles 4-6 times a game, catch some screen passes, wheel routes, and the occasional jet sweep. Think about it this way, Bradford has the ability to pick up yards between the tackles and all of the sudden, Drennen or Smith come in the game and catch a wheel route or tunnel screen for 20 yards. I think that both can do that. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Hopefully Nevada is right in his assessment. However, this could be a very difficult pull for Day and Alford, particularly when Bijan would have to go against the wishes of his emotional and financial support system (grandparents). The staff should keep trying to get Bijan back in the fold and even try talking to the grandparents more about the family atmosphere at OSU, excellent academic opportunities, the Real Life Wednesdays program. Alford and Day should also emphasize the realities of big time college football and say that even if Bijan goes to Texas his ability to go home frequently will be limited due to the time commitments to academics and athletics. However, they can emphasize that he can facetime them, call, text, write letters to keep that family connection. I am sure they are already doing this. OSU needs to address their concerns and then ultimately make those concerns not matter as much. 

Comment 01 Aug 2019

Agreed. We tend to underestimate as fans how much depth there is at a given position sometimes. The goal should always be to take at least 1 quality RB in each class, but OSU should not just take a RB to take a RB. They currently have Dobbins, Teague, Crowley, Chambers, and Gill to carry the load this year. Out of this group Dobbins, Teague, Crowley, and potentially Chambers have the ability to be 3 down backs. I understand from a depth perspective the desire to take two because of Dobbins going pro early and Gill and McCall not being between the tackles runners, but if the wrong two are taken then that could actually hurt depth more.  I know the big targets for 2021 are Donovan Edwards and Evan Pryor, but the staff needs to keep those lines of communication open with Corey Kiner and Jaylen Anderson. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

An effective ground game is still important in Day’s offense. Meyer’s offense relied heavily on the zone read, speed option, and inside power to get rushing yards from the QB or RB. Those concepts will still be there with Fields at QB because of his running ability, but Day gets RBs involved differently. The PSU game last year is a good example of this. Dobbins was having trouble running between the tackles, but did some damage on wheel routes, swing passes, and screens. Days’s system is such that you can recruit a RB who does the fundamentals well and before you know it the opposing team is asking themselves how Dobbins has 200 all purpose yards.

Comment 31 Jul 2019

This goes both ways though. We know through the recruiting analysts that EJ Smith and Tony Alford have kept open lines of communication, but we do not know what Smith's level of interest was/is. I can't blame Coach Alford or Day for going full steam ahead on Robinson and Knighton if they both had verbally pledged to the staff. They could not promise EJ a spot that did not exist. However, I did say that in an earlier thread the best move from a recruiting perspective would have been to keep lines of communication open for as many OSU caliber backs as possible and take the first 2 who wanted to commit and fit the program, culture, and offense the best. Hopefully EJ gets that sense from the staff and is not worried about the pecking order. 

Comment 31 Jul 2019

Good assessment. You want a RB who can find the gaps in the offensive line, run through those gaps, gain 5-6 yards per carry and force the defense to put more defenders in the box. This in turn opens up the passing game and gives receivers the opportunity to catch the ball, which then opens up the running lanes because defenses don’t want to get beat deep. 

Comment 30 Jul 2019

Just looked up Taggart’s career record and I do not see the appeal for high level recruits. He is 52-57 with his best season being 10-2 at USF for a share of the AAC East Division title. He accomplished nothing at Oregon and FSU looked like a poorly coached middle school team last year. I understand wanting to stay close to home, but this is not the 1990s FSU.

Comment 30 Jul 2019

You are probably right, but from all the reports we have heard the coaches were completely caught off guard and were not expecting Knighton and Robinson to lose any and all interest in committing to OSU. Alford and Day now have to circle the wagons and see what other running backs may be interested in committing by starting from scratch. Realistically, outside of EJ Smith who are the some other running back targets? Tank Bigsby seems bound for an SEC School, Keyvone Lee seems bound for Penn State or a Florida school, Zach Evans is the ultimate long shot, and all of the other top backs are already committed. Maybe one can be flipped, but that is always much more challenging to do. 

Comment 30 Jul 2019

I agree with this. The lesson moving forward for Tony Alford and Ryan Day is to recruit 10 OSU caliber running backs per recruiting cycle (if there are 10) and accept commitments from the ones that the need. I realize the Knighton and Robinson supposedly committed to OSU, but it is rarely a good idea to go all in on a limited number of prospects and then not have it work out. EJ Smith would be an excellent addition to this class and Torrance Davis could be a great 3-down back for OSU down the road. Davis's tape shows someone who is a willing runner, can catch the ball, has some blocking ability, and enough speed to outrun defenders. He would not get playing time right away, but could be a valuable contributor as a sophomore or junior.