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How Was Day Outcoached?

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November 26, 2023 at 9:03am

This is an honest question because even though I have been a voracious watcher of football over the years I only played it one year as a kid and I don’t really know what goes on day to day from a coaching aspect.  I know Day gets most of the players he wants,  can evaluate talent, can game plan,  can motivate, can call some great plays at very crucial times and he is someone I’m proud to have as face of my favorite program.  How exactly was he “out-coached” yesterday?  I’ve heard this but with little explanation.

I don’t think we were unprepared, had a bad game plan, had a plethora of horrible play calls, mismanaged the clock (MAYBE at end of first half but only maybe) or had the wrong personnel on the field at bad times.   How exactly did he get outcoached.  Just cuz you lose does not mean you are outcoached.  Moore didn’t do anything other than go for 4th and very short 3-4 times, and was successful, but we were good in short yardage yesterday too for most part.  I honestly want to know where you think Day was outcoached yesterday, not during the week of prep but between the lines for 60 minutes.

For all those crying Cooper or whatever and venerating other non Cooper non Day  coaches, Woody was horrible in big games from the time I started watching football in 1968.  Had a losing record to Bo, was blown out in his one meeting with Bear, lost to a 2 or 3 loss Stanford when ranked #1 and supposedly unbeatable, lost to a decent UCLA team with another juggernaut.  Bruce was just mildly more successful, he had a winning record vs UM but other than that he was just okay.  Tressel was really good against Michigan but Michigan was pretty bad after 2006/7 and he shit the bed in some other notable games   Meyer definitely performed against Michigan but they were pretty putrid til 2016.  As good as Meyer was he made some real coaching blunders and got away with them at times.  In the 2015 semifinal  we should have never had to defend a Hail,Mary at end of game. Our clock management after recovering the onside kick was horrible and gave Saban another chance to steal a win in a game he was outplayed (not out coached). I say all this not to denigrate other OSU coaches I rooted for and hated seeing leave but to simply point out this game is way more than just “coaching” whatever that means to the person saying it.  
I lived through Cooper years and it was rough but it wasn’t like Michigan sucked then. Don’t pay attention to how the teams were “ranked” heading into those games They were sending QBs, receivers, LBs etc to NFL every year. As many as any CFB program at the time We did not out talent them most years. They were stuck with Bo disciples who refused to adapt, but they could beat OSU.  Day is no John Cooper.  This is part of ebb and flow of rivalries.  

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