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This Week's Question: If No Current QBs Are Available, Which Buckeye Do You Most Trust As Ohio State's Emergency Quarterback?

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October 2, 2023 at 8:15am

Happy Monday, Eleven Warriors!

Now that the bye week is behind us, lets get back on the horse with This Week's Question: If all of Ohio State's current quarterbacks were suddenly unavailable, which member of the roster would you entrust with the job of emergency QB?

Given his Swiss Army knife versatility, utility and "Block O" jersey-caliber leadership qualities, Xavier Johnson seems like the right man for the job from my perspective. Ramzy Nasrallah shouted, "#Free91, let him cook" in anointing Tyleik Williams as Ohio State's crisis-mode signal caller.

But what about you? Which current Buckeye do you trust to serve as Ohio State's emergency quarterback this season?

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