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Run Game Play Calling Looks to Be the Weakness!

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September 26, 2023 at 11:29pm

Ryan Day is a passing guru and our pass protection kept McCord pretty clean and from being sacked all game long!  Referencing the final play tells me all I need to know about our run attack!  We called a run play to gain a yard against a 10 man defense without a DE and Chip got hit before the line of scrimmage, luckily he’s a beast and plowed ahead into the endzone!  But seriously the right side got collapsed (and almost pushed back into the play) and guy on the left side went completely unblocked and almost made the play! We had literally every advantage in the most important play of the game and should have been able to walk it in, but guys went unblocked and we got pushed backwards but luckily the play went the only place it could have gone to be successful!  I can’t believe what would be said had they stopped us with 10 guys on the field!  Not saying the run game has to be the pass game but it does need to be a lot better!  Wether it’s execution, play calling or hand placement some work needs to be done there!

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