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Feels Good to Be a Buckeye Fan!

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June 3, 2023 at 8:04pm

After becoming paralyzed from the shoulders down at fourteen years old, my mom was forced to give up custody of me to an ultra-Christian family who had the accommodations that I needed to be taken care of with all of my newfound medical needs. They paid for me to go to a Christian school in which Bible class was a requirement.

During my sophomore year of high school (2006), my Bible teacher made a video of him performing a song called "Buckeye Fan". At that time, Ohio State started the season as the unanimous No. 1 team in the country, led by Heisman favorite Troy Smith. The song and video went viral!

 Like my Bible teacher so boldly proclaimed, doesn't it feel good to be a Buckeye fan? Sure, the team has had its ups and downs over the years, but it has been the most consistent team in college football history. Many top programs like Alabama, TTUN, Notre Dame, Texas, and Oklahoma have gone through long droughts of irrelevance. Ohio State hasn't.

In fact, albeit by a small margin, the Buckeyes have the highest win percentage in college football history and are tied with Alabama with the second-most wins in college football history. 

This offseason, while we're focused on recruiting, what could become of the upcoming season, summer camp and workouts, avenging the letdowns of seasons past, who the starting quarterback may be, and are waiting in anticipation for game one, I just want to shift the focus a little bit and take this time to appreciate how good we have it. Not only that. Let's appreciate that we have the best damn fanbase in the land, the best damn band in the land, and the best damn TEAM in CFB history. 

I'm sorry if the title of this article led you to believe that something exciting has happened recently. I thought it would be more appropriate to point out the fact that something exciting has been going on for 123 years and counting: Buckeye football. 

If you're proud to be a Buckeye fan, thumbs up the sh*t out of this! Oh, and f*ck Michigan! Sorry, I've lost a little bit of my Christianity since high school. Or have I?

"It feels good to be a Buckeye fan!" - God

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