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Ohio State Needs a Special Teams Refresh

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January 5, 2023 at 8:40pm

A lot of the conversation about Ohio State after the Peach Bowl has been focused on the defense, and rightfully so. You can't give up those kinds of numbers in the last three games of the season and expect to win a championship, even in this high-octane era of football. Finding solutions on defense is the number one goal heading into 2023, and it absolutely should dominate the conversation - but special teams is right there, too. While Noah Ruggles and Jesse Mirco were (mostly) awesome, the unit as a whole has been a disaster in Parker Fleming's two seasons.

I went through every game from 2021 and this season just to find out if it's as bad as I think it's been, and unsurprisingly, it's worse. Procedural penalties, after the whistle personal fouls from veterans, muffed punts, and straight up nonsense (Not executing the fake against Michigan, having 12 players on the field against Georgia) have quietly cost Ohio State field position, and been major turning points in big games. I've seen people say Fleming's contract is either up or that he has a year left, but either way, he can't be the guy in charge of this group next season. Judge for yourself:



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