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Significance of Upsetting Georgia

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December 8, 2022 at 1:22am

Where would a Peach Bowl victory rank in the list of upsets Ohio State football has pulled of. It would definitely not be up there with USA hockey 1980 win over CCCP or Douglas over Tyson, but it would be huge. Not often that OSU gets a shot at being a decided underdog. I think this would be more of an upset than beating the U. Most of felt that the game against Miami would be close because of our defense. Seems like many of us have serious doubts about being able to keep up with Georgia.

I have read where a few on here have tried to poo poo how good Georgia is. For those of you that don't follow college football on a daily basis, don't let them gaslight you. They are the defending national champions. They ran the table in the SEC. They are undefeated. They are not "a team for the ages", but they are loaded.

November was rough for OSU football. With respect momentum of the two teams coming into the Peach Bowl, I think an OSU win would be the biggest upset in program history. It would completely change the national narrative about Ohio State. A win would be amazing. We really need a close game at a minimum.

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