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Lesson Learned...

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November 27, 2022 at 1:43am

Lots of fans are rightfully frustrated tonight. Not the funnest night to read the threads, but it seems necessary. Fans are writing the truth after being silenced by some for expressing their concerns over the course of the season.

For those that might not follow college football as closely as we diehards, let's do better next year to write the truth. No more down votes to oblivion for acknowledging that the playcalling is poor or that the secondary is bad or that Finn from Toledo is not a Heisman caliber QB.

No more fairytales like Day is saving the good plays for The Game or that this team will be highly motivated in AA after 2 ass beatings. No more OSU is better than TTUN because we beat Rutgers by 40 and they only won by 39.

Root for the good guys, but responsible analysis is important too. I think many fans that didn't know any better though Ohio State was going to win big today.

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