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Toledo - Defensive Play-by-Play Analysis

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September 23, 2022 at 9:44am

Dequann Finn became a legend in the Shoe on Saturday night, as the Toledo Rockets came into Columbus and scored 21 on the third-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes. Sure, the final score was 21-77, but those of us who saw the game won’t soon forget Finn’s heroics.

I think any Buckeye fan will take 77 points and not think about the defense for more than a second. When the offense can do that, the defense doesn’t matter. As anyone who watched Ohio State last year can attest, the offense won’t always be on. Sometimes, the defense will need to step up. To be a championship team, every little mistake counts.

For this game at least, the defense was good on most plays, but the three plays that resulted in touchdowns represented a total of 39% of Toledo’s total yardage on the day. For a comparison, the eleven (lol) plays that resulted in touchdowns represented a total of 13% of Ohio State’s total yardage. Only one of those touchdowns resulted in a yardage greater than Toledo’s shortest touchdown. This is both encouraging and concerning – encouraging because there are only a few plays per game to fix, and concerning because this has been the case for the first few games.

Some of this is the style of defense that Knowles wants to run, and that is completely fine. If this defense gives up 21 points or less to every opponent on the schedule this year, no one at Ohio State will complain.

The result of this game seemed to validate some early trends with this particular version of the Ohio State defense. Here is the play-by-play:

Defensive Play-by-Play vs. Toledo
Time Yard Line Down Distance O Formation D Package Front High Type Rush Play Player Yards Notes
First Quarter                          
11:11 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Over 3 Pass 4 Ohio Hickman 7 Hickman gets caught playing the run since he is part of the run fit. Play-calling -0.5 as the play call was effective. Diving catch by the wide receiver too. 
10:55 T32 2 3 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 4-3 Under 2 Read Option   Zone Read Martinez 18 Harrison (-1) is read. Typically, the defensive ends play to spill, so going inside is expected. Still, Chambers is going hard inside, so I think Harrison might be responsible for the QB outside. Still, I will mark down Chambers (-1) as well, as someone was wrong between the two of them.
10:40 T50 1 10 FOX FOX FOX FOX Pass 4 Comeback Tuimoloau 0 Tuimoloau (+1) gets immediate pressure, but can't bring the quarterback down. Brown (+1) has good coverage here. Pressure +1. Coverage +1.
10:33 T50 2 10 Gun X Tight 4-2-5 Over 2 Pass 5 Deep Post Brown 50 Sawyer (+0.5) gets some pressure, but he doesn't keep contain. I think Ransom (-2) needs to help deep, but he bites on the underneath route/the QB run. Brown (-1) isn't close on the deep ball, but he was expecting help. I think he should probably be closer, but I can see why he wasn't tight on him. Touchdown. Coverage -2.
7:52 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 4 Run   Inside Zone Vincent -2 Vincent (+1.5) is double teamed, but he still gets a couple of yards of penetration. Tuimoloau (+1) is purposely unblocked as he is the backside defender, so the blown up line gives him time to make the tackle for loss. Play-calling +1 as Sawyer confused the line. 
7:36 T23 2 12 Gun Trips 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 2 Run 4 GY Counter Chambers -3 Chambers (+2) is blitzing off the edge, so he is in great position to run straight past the blockers to make the TFL. Play-calling +1 for having Chambers blitz. Enormous hit.
6:51 T20 3 15 Gun 4-2-5 Wide 5 Pass 5 Scramble Throw Away Harrison 0 Harrison (+2) beats the tackle immediately and sticks with the QB to force a throw away. Tuimoloau (+1) does a good job to keep contain too. Pressure +2.
4:29 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 5 Run   Power Eichenberg 2 Vincent (+2) once again pushes a double-team back until the backfield, causing the pulling guard to stumble. This gives Eichenberg an easy tackle.
4:15 T27 2 8 Gun 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 2 Run 4 Scramble Eichenberg 7 Buckeyes not totally set. Eichenberg (-1) takes a bad angle. Sawyer (-0.5)  gets held up a bit but probably isn't a penalty. 
4:00 T34 3 1 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 2 Run   Power Eichenberg 0 Could have been pin and pull I guess. Eichenberg (+2) shoots past the pulling, stumbling center and gets the tackle to force the punt. Sawyer helps.
0:10 T25 1 10 Gun Trips 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 3 Pass   WR Screen Martinez 2 Brown slows down the receiver enough to give Martinez an extra second to shed the block, which he does in time to make the tackle.
Second Quarter                          
15:00 T27 2 8 Gun 4-2-5 4-3 Over 4 Pass 4 Scramble Sack Tyleik Williams -4 Sawyer (+1) does a pretty nice job of getting pressure on a three-man rush, but he probably should have worked on keeping contain. Still, with a spy out there, I don't mind. 
14:26 T23 3 12 Gun 5W 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo A 5 Pass 3 Scramble Harrison 23 Sawyer (+1) does a pretty nice job of getting pressure on a three-man rush, but he probably should have worked on keeping contain. Still, with a spy out there, I don't mind. Jean-Baptiste pushes the quarterback back to the center, where Simon, Eichenberg, and Harrison all have a gap. Harrison (-1) is probably most to blame for this, but it looks to me like he got held, though they won't call it inside the pads like that very often. Pressure +1. Just a spectacular individual effort.
14:03 T46 1 10 Gun 5W Bunch 4-2-5 Field 1 Pass 4 Slant Tyleik Williams 10 Cut-blocks across the line. Williams (+2, -1)  gets through clean, but he jumps up in the air which gives the quarterback enough time to make a sidearm throw for the first down. Again, great play, though Eichenberg might be able to drop back a bit. 
13:42 O44 1 10 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 4-3 Over 1 RPO 4 RPO Screen Simon 5 Simon makes the tackle and is taken for a couple extra yards. Still not bad.
13:26 O39 2 5 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 4-3 Over 4 Pass 6 Comeback Brown 0 I am pretty sure the linebackers are only blitzing if the back and tight end are staying in, which they do. Brown (+1) has good coverage on the comeback, and punishes the quarterback for a bad throw. Coverage (+1) Pressure +0.5. Playy-calling +0.5 to scheme a little extra pressure.
12:59 O39 3 5 Gun 4-2-5 Show Blitz 1 Pass 4 Scramble Throw Away Hamilton 0 Hamilton (+2) gets through immediately, and while Sawyer +1, -2) gets there quick, he doesn't keep contain, and takes out Hamilton which lets the quarterback get free. Eichenberg (+0.5) gets decent pressure late. Pressure +2.
12:50 O39 4 5 Gun Tight 4-2-5 Show Blitz 1 Pass 4 Hook Eichenberg 12 Play-call is perfectly suited for the coverage. Play-calling -1.
12:23 O27 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Under 3 Run   Pin and Pull Johnson 4 Jean-Baptiste (+1.5) sheds a couple of blocks to disrupt the line. Johnson (+1) with a good open-field tackle. Tackling +1. 
11:37 O23 2 6 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 3  Run   Power Eichenberg 1 Eichenberg (+2) runs right in the back of Vincent, which could have been bad, but it leaves him wide open in the backfield to make the tackle.
10:52 O22 3 7 Gun Trips Bunch 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 1 Pass 5 Scramble Chambers 22 Chambers (-1) is given a tough assignment, as he is responsible for the running back and the quarterback on a run through that gap. With the running back on the other side, he drifts out there. For most quarterbacks/running back combos, he would have played this perfectly. For this particular one, he needed to be shaded toward the quarterback side as soon as he notices the running back staying in. Play-call -1 because this is a tough position for a linebacker to make the play in space. Touchdown..
7:16 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 5 Pass 3 Curl Ransom 10 Ransom (-1) needs to get out to the flat quicker, even though he is likely a part of the run fit. 
7:00 T35 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 2 Run   Trap Counter Eichenberg 2 Tuimoloau (+0.5) might be two gapping here. If so, he does a pretty nice job of forcing the running back toward the middle where Eichenberg is. If he was just trying to spin off a block instead of occupy the gap, it was not so good. I am giving the benefit of the doubt since there were two pullers.
6:41 T37 2 8 Gun Trips 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo B 3 Run 4 Scramble Hickman 5 Tuimoloau (+0.5) gets to the QB first, but can't make the tackle. Sawyer (-1) overpursues and gets blocked out of the play. Hickman (+1) takes a good angle to stop the first down
5:42 T42 3 3 Gun Empty 4-2-5 Boundary 2 Pass 4 Slant Burke 0 Burke (+1) with good coverage on the receiver on the slant. Not an easy play man-on-man. Punt.
0:47 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Under 4 Run   Counter Eichenberg 4 Solid all around.
0:21 T29 2 6 Gun Trips 4-2-5 Over 3 Run   Pin and Pull Sawyer -2 Sawyer (+2) does a nice job of sticking with the play after running far up field for the TFL.
Third Quarter                          
15:00 T25 1 10 Gun Trips 4-2-5 Over 3 Run   Pin and Pull Ransom 15 Looks like pin and pull, but the right guard moves up instead of pinning. Both Chambers and Eichenberg  are one gap over from where I am expecting them, but they were kind of screwed anyway. Cage (-1) is the one who nominally should be in the next gap, but at the defensive line level he gets caught inside. IDK. Play-calling -1 because it was weird.
14:48 T40 1 10 Gun Wing TE 4-2-5 Over 1 Pass 6 PA Post Hickman 0 Hickman (+2) knows this is coming, and comes across the middle to make the interception.Play-calling +1 as Ohio State knows this is coming.
13:08 T25 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Under 3 Pass 4 Rollout Flood Martinez 16 Flood against zone with a mobile quarterback. Tough to defend. Play-calling -1.
12:47 T41 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Over 5 Run   Power Ransom 9 Cage (-2) can't hold up with one on one blocking, and he gets pushed into Eichenberg. He might have been two gapping, which is a tough assignment, but he was not double-teamed through most of this. 
12:01 T50 2 1 Gun Trips 4-2-5 Under 2 Run   Counter Chambers 10 Vincent (-1.5) can't get any penetration, and he gets single blocked easily. Chambers has to make the tackle downfield. 
11:19 O40 1 10 Gun 4-2-5 Under 3 Run   Run Sawyer 0 Sawyer (+1) comes free off the backside to help make the tackle. Harrison and Eichenberg are there too.
11:00 O40 2 10 Gun 4W 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 2 Pass 5 PA Fade Martinez 0 Martinez (+1) has good coverage here. Sawyer (+2, -1) does lose contain, but he does force a quick throw into coverage. Pressure +2. Coverage +1.
10:33 O40 3 10 Gun 4-2-5 Over 2 Pass 4 Improvisation Hail Mary Burke 40 Jean-Baptiste (-1) nearly has the sack but loses contain. Burke (-3) not only does not defend the Hail Mary well, but he fails to tackle the receiver short of the goal line. Touchdown. Play-calling +1 as they had a free shot on the quarterback. Pressure +2. Coverage -2. Tackling -1.
8:07 T2 1 10 Gun Twin TE 3x1 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 1 Penalty   False Start NA -1 NA
8:07 T1 1 11 Gun Twin TE 3x1 4-2-5 Field 1 Run   Power Read Sawyer 1 Sawyer (+1) is unblocked, and Simon (+1) fills the running gap beautifully. 
7:27 T2 2 10 Gun 4-2-5 Boundary 1 Pass 4 Curl Harrison 0 First play does not count, do to timeout. Harrison (+1) gets a hand on the quarterback as he is throwing, and the pass falls incomplete. Johnson (+1) was there if the pass was closer. Coverage +1. Pressure +1.
7:23 T2 3 10 Gun 4W 4-2-5 Field 5 Pass 4 Slip Screen Martinez 1  Martinez (+2) makes a great open field tackle, and Tyleik Williams (+1) finishes the play by hustling over. Punt.Tackling +2.
5:06 T25 1 10 Gun 3W Trips 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo D 3 Run   Power Curry 9 Curry (-1) gets controlled playing as a 3T, which makes sense given his size. Still, he makes the tackle.
4:49 T34 2 1 Gun 4W Tight 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo C 2 Run   Scramble Jean-Baptiste -2 Jean-Baptiste (+2) gets quick pressure, and while he doesn't get the initial sack, he sticks with the play to get the sack after the quarterback starts to scramble.
4:22 T32 3 3 Gun 5W 4-2-5 3-3-5 Leo C 1 Pass 5 Streak JK Johnson 0 Johnson (-2) gets burned over the top, but the throw is just off line. Coverage -2. Punt.
End of Charting                          

Dequann Finn was better than could reasonably be expected. Toledo’s entire offense revolved around him doing something amazing. He accounted for 77% of their total offense, and most of that yardage was on broken plays, including the three touchdowns.

This doesn’t really change what Ohio State fans should take away from this game on defense. Big plays hit them again. There has been some talk around the league that the Ohio State defense hasn’t been improved at all and is still extremely leaky.

The idea that this defense has not improved is, of course, false, as anyone who has watched the games can see. The run defense is vastly improved and is bordering on an elite unit this year. This was the primary concern after last season, and it appears to have been fixed. The pass defense is…different than last year. Previously, the defense would give up oodles of plays underneath, and they would experience death by 1000 papercuts. This year’s team gets big plays on defense, but it gives up big plays in return. The good news is that it is a lot easier to imagine a couple of plays a game being fixed rather than every play.

I don’t think that this is a huge deal, and even if the defense stays around this level the entire year, I think this team can reach tremendous heights. I have said it before, but this style of defense is so much more conducive to a successful offense than the previous one they were running. As this defense showed in the Notre Dame game, it is going to be hard to salt the game away against this front. The opposing offense will always have to try and fish for big plays. Sometimes this will work, and other times this will not. Most importantly, this will never take a lot of time. This gives the Ohio State offense more possessions to play with. While I think this offense can go through a cold streak, I don’t think it can consistently be held down. A defense that allows the offense to get the ball more often is a huge improvement over last year, where Michigan could take huge chunks of the clock off while scoring. They will either score quickly, or they will give the ball up. This style of defense is also conducive to getting blown out when things snowball, but I could care less if it gives Ohio State a better chance of winning overall.

Here is the individual chart:

Defensive Chart vs. Toledo
Player + - T Percentage Notes
Defensive line          
zach harrison 3 2 1 60 Not his usual game, but didn't show up much in the grading.
michael hall 0 0 0 0 DNP
Taron vincent 3.5 1.5 2 70 Still pretty good on the interior. Showed up a little more on tape for this one. 
jt tuimoloau 4 0 4 100 Thought he might be responsible for the scrambling touchdown, but I think it was the play call.
jack sawyer 9.5 4.5 5 67.9 Lot of mistakes, but a lot of nice plays. Impactful.
javonte jean-baptiste 3.5 1 2.5 77.8 Two sacks with nearly a third. I didn't track all of it, but he played really well.
tyler friday 0 0 0 0 Did not chart.
Tyleik williams 3 1 2 75 Solid game for him. 
ty hamilton 2 0 2 100 Quiet game.
jerron cage 0 3 -3 0 Couldn't hold up to double-teams, or even to the center at times.
jaden mckenzie 0 0 0 0 No chart, but I thought he played well.
kenyatta jackson 0 0 0 0 Not charted
hero kanu 0 0 0 0 Not charted
caden curry 0 1 -1 0 Got driven back in the little I charted from him. He played 3T instead of the Jack, though, which likely made a difference.
total 28.5 14 14.5 67.1 Weakest game thus far, especially against the run and containing the QB. Good lesson on keeping contain sometimes. First time I have charted the defensive line as better rushing the passer instead of against the run.
tommy eichenberg 4.5 1 3.5 81.8 Good day again for him, but smaller volume than the first couple of games.
steele chambers 2 2 0 50 Put in a couple of tough situations.
cody simon 1 0 1 100 Quiet, but solid.
palaie gaoteote 2 0 2 100 Recovered a fumble! Did not chart, but I need to give him credit for that.
total 9.5 3 6.5 76 Seems like exactly what Knowles has been talking about - Eichenberg is outstanding, Simon/Chambers are solid starters.
cameron brown 2 1 1 66.7 Without a doubt the number 1 corner. The touchdown he was definitely expecting safety help.
denzel burke 1 3 -2 25 Played well with the exception of the Hail Mary on that scramble. That play was so awful that he earned this score, though. 
josh proctor 0 0 0 0 DNP
lathan ransom 0 3 -3 0 Has been great the past couple of games. Really his only big mistake was not being back on the first touchdown over Brown. Think he will bounce back.
tanner mccalister 0 0 0 0 DNP
Ronnie hickman 3 0 3 100 Another really nice game from Hickman.
kourt williams 0 0 0 0 Did not chart
Cameron Martinez 3 0 3 100 Looked great in his first real start. Feeling better about the nickelback position after this game.
jk johnson 2 2 0 50 Held up fine besides the last bomb with the starters in. Think he looks solid out there. Willing in the run game too.
jyaire brown 0 0 0 0 Not charted
ryan Turner 0 0 0 0 Not charted
kye stokes 0 0 0 0 Not charted; still looks very exciting
Sonny styles 0 0 0 0 Not charted, but looks really smooth.
total 11 9 2 55 Like the last couple of games, good play with the exception of a few plays. One or two less of those a game and this team is cooking with oil
pressure 12.5 0 12.5 100 Consistently pressured the quarterback. Unfortunately, they were a little too aggressive, and Finn took advantage.
coverage 5 6 -1 45.5 Big plays down the field are the achilles heel of this defense so far.
tackling 3 1 2 75 Not as many missed tackles as I remembered, as many of the players were not close enough to realistically get the tackle. Not a particularly ringing endorsement.
play calling  4 3.5 0.5 53.3 Stalemate.

All last season, I talked about how the defensive line was playing pretty well, because even though they weren’t creating much pressure, they were carrying the load against the run. It was no coincidence that the first time they played poorly against the run was Michigan. Today was almost the exact opposite; they were undisciplined at times against the run but were very effective at getting pressure on the quarterback. Every one of the touchdowns was off a scramble due to pressure from the defensive linemen.

Seeing the defensive linemen play too aggressively is honestly probably a good thing, at least in terms of future production. Last year I thought they were somewhat hesitant in rushing the passer as they were so focused on their run responsibilities. Was that actually the case? It is hard to tell. I never mind when teams go too far in the other direction in a genuine attempt to fix a previous issue. It is much preferred to doing nothing.

As a final note on the defensive linemen, Javonte Jean-Baptiste played the game of his life with two sacks and nearly getting a third. Does it mean much? Probably not in terms of production this year. Still, the light can turn on at any time, so who knows. At the very least, it may mean more playing time in games where the Jack is utilized more heavily.

The linebackers played well once again, though they weren’t as involved as they were the past couple of weeks. The three-week mark is when I feel comfortable making some judgments about the team. It is abundantly clear that the linebackers are one of the strengths of the team, and Tommy Eichenberg may be the best individual player on the team. Just like everyone predicted last year. Right?

While I love taking a victory lap for calling out Eichenberg’s improvement as early as the Tulsa game and calling for him to start about a month later, I was as guilty as anyone of wanting him benched after the Oregon game. Furthermore, even when he was improving, he still looked to be playing second-fiddle to Steele Chambers, who seemed to be the linebacker destined for stardom. While Chambers has played well this season, and Cody Simon has had a great start to the year, Eichenberg has established himself as a bona fide star. Give him a couple more weeks and he will be a national name at this pace.

The safeties are also still playing well. Ransom had a bit of a rough game in this one, but I am not worried at all. It was only two plays, and besides that he played just fine. Also, on the first touchdown, it may have also been Martinez who had the deep zone. I thought it was supposed to be Ransom, but I do not know for sure. His performance in the first two weeks have a much greater weight at this point in the season, and even in this game his negatives were small and arguably not his. Speaking of Cameron Martinez, he also had a great game for his first game starting. His tackle (3Q 11:00) deep in Toledo’s territory was a pretty tough tackle in the open field. That was the only knock on him last year – he (and Ransom, to be fair) really struggled tackling which made it hard to put him on the field. The only reason Marcus Williamson played more was because he was arguably the best tackler on the team. Martinez always had the cover skills, and if he can continue to showcase better tackling, he can be a viable starter. Ronnie Hickman also continues his reliability from last year with fewer mistakes and way more “wow” plays. At times last year, I had a hard time giving him points, since most of the tackles he was making were down the field after a decent gain, and he was just in the vicinity. This year he is making tackles close to the line of scrimmage even while taking more deep safety responsibilities. He was known as an excellent player last year, and I think his play this year has validated that reputation.

The corners are probably the biggest worry spot on the team right now, though Cam Brown continues to play well. JK Johnson also played well until he got beat on the last play I charted. Even so, I think he looks like a viable cornerback currently, which is just fine. Denzel Burke has had three straight negative graded games, which is the threshold I have for officially saying that something is a trend or a problem. He is clearly trying a new technique, as he is much less physical than last year, probably trying to avoid pass interference. I could easily see this going away soon, but until it does, this is the position of most concern on the defense.

What should we worry about?

The passing defense in general. I think Burke has gotten most of the attention, but he isn’t the only one who has gotten burned. This is going to be an issue with the defense the entire year. According to CFB Nerds on Youtube, the Buckeyes are currently allowing about 74% of their opponent per-play averages against the run (very good) and 101% of their opponent per-play averages against the pass (slightly below average). This would imply that Graham Mertz is going to throw for over 11 YPA, which is about what Stroud has been throwing for this year.

While Mertz has been better this year, this is still not a good sign for Ohio State. I don’t think this number is terribly likely, as it is very hard to throw for that type of efficiency against even an average defense. However, I think there is about a 15% chance that this does happen, and Wisconsin puts up ~31 points.

This is the game where that 101% number must go down. Even if Mertz throws for 8 YPA, which is about what Finn threw for against Ohio State, it will be a good defensive effort. Either that, or Mertz has played way better than he could be reasonably expected to play (this seems likely). I honestly think that Mertz could throw for 5 YPA or 11 YPA. I have no idea. If that number is closer to 11 YPA, this defense is going to have issues all year long. If that number is closer to 5 YPA, we might be seeing some encouraging signs. If that number is around 8 YPA, we will still have no idea how good the pass defense is.

What should we not worry about?

The standard of the 2019 Buckeyes team. What does that have to do with the 2022 team, you ask?

When we compare Ohio State to other seasons, we go straight to that one, as that team had real balance and was a championship caliber team. I think that season is the gold standard, but the lack of a national championship probably makes already an impossibly high standard even higher to reach.

That 2019 Ohio State Buckeyes team was the best college football team since 1974 according to College Football Reference’s SRS stat. However, because they didn’t win the national championship, we as a fanbase believe that Ohio State must be better than that team to win the national championship.

This isn’t true at all. Again, every national championship winner between 1975-2019 was arguably worse than that Ohio State team, and they still ended up winning the championship. It took an injured Justin Fields, and injured JK Dobbins, an ejected Shaun Wade leading to a touchdown instead of a punt, an overturned fumble recovery for a touchdown, and a miscommunication on the last play of the game to lose that game. The following year, with a worse Ohio State team and a better Clemson team, Ohio State wiped the floor with them with more average gameday luck.

The 2022 Ohio State defense doesn’t have to be as good as Georgia last year. They don’t have to be one of the best in the country. The 2019 LSU team often called the greatest team of all time had the 1st rated offense and the 20th rated defense according to SP+, just like the 2021 Ohio State team. If this defense is just moderately better than last year, they will be in great shape to win a national championship if the offense is what we think it is. While some of the big plays are a concern, I am much more concerned with a defense that gives this offense the chance to win.

What should we be excited about?

The floor of this defense is continuing to rise. While a performance like this may not feel like much to celebrate, stringing together performances in which the defense looks noticeably better than last year is huge. The only stretch last year where the defense looked this good was the Akron-Rutgers-Maryland—Indiana stretch, where the offenses had an average F+ rating of 96th in the country. At least in this stretch, the offenses have an average F+ rating of 67th. Progress.

Also, the run defense is looking quite stout. Most of Toledo’s running success in this game was from Finn’s scrambling ability. Against designed runs they look outstanding. Compared to some of the games last year, this has been a breath of fresh air.  

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