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Guaranteed 9-1 vs ScUM Each Decade... Would You Take It?

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June 22, 2022 at 11:50am

Hypothetically speaking, if you had the option of taking a guaranteed record of 9-1 each of the next three decades vs the weasels up North, would you take that deal?

The alternative would be just to let things play out as they will -- might win all of them, lose all of them, or anything in between.

We've lost to those weasels 3 times over the past 22 years.  Personally a 90% winning percentage against them would be acceptable, but if tOSU continues to recruit way better than scUM, that percentage might still be low.

What say you?

<edit> So most people so far say "90%?  hell yeah!!".  What about 80%?  70%?  What's your breakeven point?

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