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Oklahoma State All 2021 Defensive Snaps vs Oklahoma

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May 13, 2022 at 1:45pm

Hello everyone,

I, like everyone else, am pretty excited to see what a Jim Knowles led Ohio State defense could be in 2022. This video is a bit old, and I'm no scheme expert by any means, but it gave me the best look at what Jim Knowles schemed up against an opponent with more talented players at basically every position.

There's a bunch of missed tackles by Ok State, especially against OU RB Kennedy Brooks, but overall what I loved to see was how every pre-snap play looked a bit different for Ok State. Also, Knowles definitey got into a groove as the game went on, you could see more and more confusion, penalties, and mistakes plaguing OU as the game entered the 4th quarter.

My favorite moment was the play that starts at 12:04 - Ok State lines up with what appears to be 7 players on the line (remember I'm not a scheme wiz), but only 1 player with his hand in the dirt. OU snaps the ball, and immediately 2 Ok State defenders on the right side (from the QB's perspective, top of the screen from our perspective) back up into zone and the entire left side of Ok State's defense crashes down in a 4 man blitz. With the left side of the OU line collapsing under the blitz, the QB tries to scramble, but Ok State's linebackers on the right side are all waiting in a zone to tackle him, force a fumble, and get a turnover. It was awesome to watch.

Excited for some chaos next year! Hope y'all enjoy the video as much as I did.


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