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What If...TP2 & NIL

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May 12, 2022 at 12:10pm

I'm a big fan of Ramzy's Time Squad articles, despite some of the pain it brings back. He's obviously a great writer and the plays he covers are awesome. So, with that I was thinking about a Time Warp of my own with Terrell Pryor, Boom Herron, DeVier Posey, Mike Adams, and Solomon Thomas obviously not one particular play but a situation, Tatgate.  I know we've discussed before how ridiculous their penalties were in comparison to other transgressions and the modern-day landscape.  The cover-up is always worse than the crime, but if the Tattoo 5 had NIL what would have been different in the history of Ohio State Football? 

Coach Tressel would have been around a bit longer, 2011 (corrected) record would have been helluva lot better than 6-6, 6-7 with bowl loss. With Tress and that team intact Ohio State would have contended for a Big Ten title no doubt. 6 of the 7 losses were by 7 or fewer points. Miami on the road with Joe Bauserman at QB was the exception. Tress & the Buckeyes most certainly would have beat TTUN, which would have extended the streak to 8 games.  Another chance at a Natty not out of the question.  OSU most likely would not get Urban as its HC. But Tressel’s most likely successor, Fickle, would have had more seasoning and a plan in place for Luke to take over and not thrown in last minute into the drama.

Terrell Pryor under center for another year rather than Joe Bauserman and Braxton Miller would have resulted in more wins one would have to assume. TP was good for 6-8 pts by himself and with that defense that’s 5-6 wins.  Miami game most likely would have seen more TDs and less FGs, so who knows. Terrelle would have been in Heiman discussion, his legend and draft status would have been intact and boosted.   With Terrell’s NIL money and endorsement deals the 6-7 cars would have been legit. Bauserman would never be a starter at OSU as Braxton would follow TP with Guyton as the backup.  Miller would have a year to learn and develop.  Perhaps getting a full season free of drama and a year of strength/condition to build muscle and avoid injury.  Although BM style of play and frame might still lend itself to injury (he had his share of injuries in high school too). Braxton’s NIL deals would be insane. The QBs that followed would have been interesting. JTBIV(doubtful)? Jones (probably)? Haskins (doubtful)? Burrow (for sure)? Martell (doubtful)? Fields (not likely)? Stroud (nope)?

Boom Herron, 2011 Team MVP, lost 5 games for Tatgate and 1 additional game for summer job overpayment.  With NIL no need to sale gear and work a job, getting 6 games back.  On just his career per game avg, 1300-1500 yards, 8-12 TDs. Powerful 1-2  punch with Carlos Hyde.  Boom’s draft stock would be greatly improved. 2012 Draft 6th round by Bengals (Cut/practice squad).  4 seasons; Bengals Colts, Bills.

DeVier Posey was probably hurt the most by the suspensions, only playing 4 games in 2011. Other than the 4 game suspension, can’t recall what the other lost games were for, I think it was other improper benefits being investigate (probably cars) and held out as precaution.  If he had left rather than serve the time he was projected as a 2nd or 3rd round pick.  A full season may have boosted him to 1st and definitely 2nd round.  His Soph and Junior years he had 800+ yds and 50+ catches each season. Still Texans drafted him in 3rd round of 2012 draft.  Ruptured Achilles. Bounced around NFL next 4-5 years. Played in CFL until 2021.

Mike Adams  impact was minimal as he was drafted 2nd round by Steelers in 2012 (4 yrs, $3.54 Mil, 1 Mil signing bonus, 1 Mil guaranteed) . Played 5 years Steelers & Bears.  Which was fortunately for him since he popped positive for drug use prior to draft.  Started about a dozen games over his career, more of backup until back injury shortened his career.

Solomon Thomas played 6 games in 2011 4 total tackles. Undrafted.  Previous years didn’t play a lot, but did have a huge interception in 2011 Sugar Bowl sealing the win for Ohio State over Arkansas.  Interesting that all 5 players had to commit to playing for OSU in 2011 to play in the Sugar Bowl and all contributed to the Sugar Bowl win.


No doubt NIL would have changed many things for these 5 and for the University.  The question is would we trade removing the penalties and reinstating the Buckeye image for the what we know today? The “Golden Age” of OSU football as it’s been called under Urban. I know many don’t like Tressel ball and tired of his playing it close to the vest, but the man has as many Natty’s at OSU as Urban and played in more Nattys at OSU than Urban and Day combined.  I for one would make that trade and expect another Natty or 2 and continued dominance over TTUN.  What say you?

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