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Most Hyped Offseason?

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May 9, 2022 at 12:54pm

In honor of being at the halfway point in the dreaded offseason, I figured why not create an extremely on-brand offseason thread. I am yearning for that first brisk 95 degree and humid Saturday morning, where we get to watch the Buckeyes stomp the golden domers. As with any other year, I am stoked for the upcoming season, maybe even more than in recent years. It has me wondering.

During you lifetime, which offseason's had you the most hyped about the upcoming season. My Top 3 in order (note that I have no personal history prior to 2001):

  1. 2006 - This really felt like the 1st Tressel team that was loaded (the 2003 offseason was too muddled in Clarett drama), and everyone knew it. Preseason #1. Heisman trophy front-runner, and a revenge game against Texas sitting there in Week 2. Speaking of Clarett, the Buckeyes also had the "next Maurice Clarett" coming into the program. Everyone knew that team could be a great, and they met those expectations...for 12 games. 
  2. 2015 - This was neck and neck with 2006 for the top-spot. Ended up giving 2006 the nod, simply because the QB situation was really getting absurd. I didn't mind the competition, until we were a few weeks into August, and it was apparent that no one knew what was going on. Fantastic team with the majority of key contributors returning. Also opening with a revenge game against VT added to the excitement. But honestly, the only thing I remember from before that game, was waiting to see who took the first snap. But nevertheless, this was the most confident I'd ever been that an OSU team would win it all. 
  3. 2013 - Had a toss up between 2012, 2013, and 2022. But I still remember to this day, realizing that the sanctions were over at the end of the 2012 season. Really added extra juice coming off of a 12-0 season, knowing that we were playing for trophies again. 

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