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Let's Get Existential. CFB Was Always a Bridge, Even More So Now. What's Next?

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December 5, 2021 at 12:45am

I'm Lenny Bruce tonight and somehow College football is where I'm at. I switched from watching my cat play with a broken ornament for an hour to this screen. But I digress... Stream of consciousness here. CFB is like anything else a microcosm of society. Everyone wants to rush EVERYTHING. The journey and adventure doesn't matter the only thing that matters is the money. That's why we skip bowl games and lose finite opportunities for memories like SCUM had tonight (vomit)...   Covid has created this unique opportunity for teams like SCUM and Pitt to rise up and unknowingly "Moneyball" the system this year. 

Is this success sustainable for Michigan? Is the sport even sustainable when every bridge to what's next is being napalm bombed to get there NOW. What happens when there is no present and every thought/behavior occurs based on future rewards/consequences? 

I chose to trip and somehow a 18? year old millionaire named Quinn sticks out as someone/something that hits at our current society... And PLEASE understand I am talking about him as a symbol created by this society. I do not for a second believe the young man understands what is going on. That's almost my point!

 I read A TON. And when you read anything from the recent past, the idea of someone openly being dishonest or non-loyal was a life ending event. You couldn't recover from losing your moral or ethical integrity. I can only tell myself that those that seem to be rewarded for unethical behaviors are usually internally a mess. Can one person tell me that a Kardashian is truly happy? We have reached a point in society where hedonism is a real word and not just a crazy grandma shouting from the church pew. 

Nihilism is upon us. I along with Nietzsche in his grave search for value in a world devoid of it. 



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