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(Sitting Stroud is A) No--Brainer (Right)?

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September 23, 2021 at 4:24pm

While some fans have expressed concern that a great performance by McCord might adversely impact Stroud's confidence, I would contend that if CJ's that fragile, isn't it  better to find out sooner than later? 

To that end, I say credit Day for making a move that's a no-brainer for 5 reasons (but weigh in here with your own thoughts):

1) it enhances QB competition in the most meaningful way (we're told "iron sharpens iron," right?), whereby it's a win-win situation in which McCord and/or Miller will need to shine or head back to the bench, but if they light it up, it will then force Stroud to out-play them... or take a seat; 

2) if we discover that McCord and/or Miller aren't ready to play because they can't even handle Akron, it's best to know that sooner than later, too, right?; 

3) it allows Stroud's shoulder to heal, assuming that's been his problem, which is only fair to the kid; 

4) it prepares OSU's backup QBs to play down the line, which needs to happen should CJ's performance or his arm-injury fail to improve; and..

5) it gives Day a meaningful first-look at the possibility that another QB might better maximize the full potential of his offense, which probably will be necessary to compensate for our deficiencies on defense. 

So, is Day 'doing the right thing', or, as some might see it, is he sowing the seeds of chaos and discontent that will eventually rip this team apart? 


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