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Player NIL Support List

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August 1, 2021 at 1:11pm

Not sure if this belongs in the forum and didn't see an existing post- please delete if not appropriate.

This is really more of a question for Eleven Warriors and for the EW community.

Is there, or can we make, a list of all player NIL activities to support our players? I'm thinking of something permanent that is updated as needed that shows what different players are involved in.

For example, Luke Wypler just had his hoodie sale/social media debate, and I had no idea I could buy a hoodie that would benefit Luke Wypler prior to seeing it in EW's twitter roundup. I need a hoodie for this winter, and I would buy one from Luke, or another player, to support them rather than just a regular.

Same for when I need a tee shirt, or shoes or whatever these guys are signed to and using to make money. I'd like to have a spot I can check to see all the opportunities I have to support these guys. They bring me a lot of joy every Saturday and I'd like to pay it back.

Any thoughts? Have I missed something that already exists?

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