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The B1G Acquiring SEC Teams? How and Why?

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July 26, 2021 at 11:08pm

So with this whole OU/Texas to the SEC fiasco, I have heard this idea that Mizzou would be a good get for the B1G. I didn't really understand this at first since I figured they were happy being in the SEC.

However, I have heard that with OU and Texas moving in to the SEC, both TAMU and Mizzou may not be happy with this. I don't totally understand this. Can someone help me (and others) understand why?

For TAMU: I guess it's because they will not be the only Texas team in the SEC anymore. But I don't really get why that is a big issue. Is it because they will have to compete for recruits in the SEC with another team in the state? Does that make a difference?

For Mizzou: No idea. Please help me with this one. I do understand the B1G makes more sense geographically. But that was true before this move.

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