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How Will Ohio State Football Look Different After All the Rule Changes?

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June 24, 2021 at 9:25am

I listened to a good podcast this AM - the Andy Staples show, which had Dan Wetzel on. They gleefully walked through all the changes being thrust upon the NCAA due to its own stupidity: NIL, 12 team playoff, transfer portal, new Supreme Court beat-down leading to future end of amateurism. It's a good listen to get you thinking about the future.

While I think in the long run, you still are going to have separation between the top 5-8 programs and everyone else, there is definitely an opening for other programs. 

My question is: what do you think will be the biggest changes to OSU - recruiting, running the program, culture, etc. - over the next 4 years due to all of the changes?

A couple of predictions here:

- The transfer portal and NIL will lead to more players leaving to go to Tier 2 programs if they aren't in the rotation. The portal alone has some impact - but still most guys don't want to transfer to Boise or SMU. But with NIL, there will be guys every year who can move from making small $$ sitting on the bench in Columbus, to making twice as much starting at SMU. Basically - what you see happening with QBs in college football today will happen with all positions. 

- This is going to lead to a return to recruiting more Ohio guys because they will be less likely to leave if they are still on the bench as sophomores. Teams are going to have to find a way to keep kids around for 4 years and build bench strength. We aren't going back to Woody days, but I could see us getting back to 10-12 Ohio kids every year.

Thoughts? Ideas? 

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