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Worst Single Moment / Play in Your Memory As a Buckeye Fan?

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June 21, 2021 at 3:01pm

I've been closely following Buckeye football for 35+ years, and there are obviously many great plays, great games and crushing losses over that time.  If someone asks about a single great play that sticks in your mind you might think of "84 yards through the heart of the South", or "Holy Buckeye", or Eddie's Heisman run vs IL or a bunch of other great plays. 

Which particular play sticks in your mind as a single soul-crushing moment?

For me, it has to be 1996, when Springs slips down and Tai Streets takes the pass 70 yards for a TD.  https://youtu.be/iP7hKUxS9a8?t=60 .  The game was 9-0 when the play happened, so the Bucks were still winning 9-7 afterwards, but (I was in the stadium that day), you could literally feel the life getting sucked out of the team and the stadium on that play.   Combine it with the fact that it cost them a shot at the natty, yet another loss by Cooper in a long string of losses to TTUN etc etc, and it was terrible.  It still makes me sick, ugh. 

Lets hope for none of these moments again!!

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