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OSU Depth Chart Projection Post NFL Decisions

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January 18, 2021 at 11:16pm

I made the way too early depth chart thread right before all of the decisions came in and there were quite a few surprises. Olave, Munford, and Haskell Garrett were names that many didnt expect back. Ruckert and Tyreke Smith decided to come back. And Tommy Togiai decided to head to the NFL after starting just 7 games in his OSU career. Here is the new depth chart.

  • QB-CJ Stroud is the heavy favorite to take over and the whispers around the program is he is going to be the next first rounder for Day. He may be right between Haskins and Fields when it comes to throwing/running. McCord and Miller will compete but I doubt Miller is long for Columbus. 
  • RB-Sermon is gone and the RBs on the roster arent great. Teague is stiff and doesnt display enough power, Steele Chambers/Crowley havent shown anything through 2 years, and Miyan Williams likely lacks the speed to be an OSU championship caliber back. Treveyeon Henderson is the #1 back in the country as a recruit and may end up being the starter. He is at 5'11" 210 and the best RB recruit in the past several years. Bud Eliot of 247 says he may be as good as Trey Sermon today.
  • WR-Olave returning is a complete shock and now every receiver who caught a ball will be back. The pecking order is pretty established with Olave/Wilson/Jameson Williams as the returning starters in the same spot. Julian Flemming and Gee Scott are the next men up on the outside and JSN is Wilson's backup. Look for a bit more rotating throughout the season. Olave and Wilson may be the two best receivers in the country and this is clearly the best receiving core in the country.
  • TE-Jeremy Ruckert comes back as likely the best tight end in the country. Expect his usage to go up and he will get the lions share of the snaps. With how dangerous the receivers are he will see a lot of single coverage. He could have a really exciting year.
  • OL-Thayer Munford coming back is another shock. He was the 4th best OT in the B1G since PFF started and will be back for a 4th year as the starting LT. With him and NPF back at RT OSU likely has the two best OTs in college football this season. Munford should dominate again and look for NPF to take a really big step forward and potentially be a first rounder. This helps the IOL because Paris Johnson will now be taking over one of the guard spots. Harry Miller should lock down center and Matt Jones will likely take over the other guard spot. This leaves Dawand Jones as the 6th lineman who will fill any of the other spots. This is a ridiculously talented OL and should be the best in the country by a significant margin.

Offensively this could be the best offense in OSU history. WR/TE/OL should each be the best in the country. CJ Stroud is expected to be incredible. RB is the only place with question marks but hopefully Treveyeon Henderson can be a good starter from day 1. CJ Stroud heisman odds arent even available but I think they could be a really good bet. This offense makes OSU a contender to win it all regardless of what happens on defense.

  • DE-Jonathan Cooper is gone and Tyreke Smith and Zach Harrison will take over the starting spots. They have both improved drastically over the season and a full offseason should do them wonders. JJB and Tyler Friday will rotate in quite a bit making DE one of the better groups in the country. Smith/Harrison turning into first round type prospects is a possibility that would go a long way for this defense.
  • DT-Haskell Garrett is returning after an All-American caliber season. He missed so much time recovering from being shot that he didnt even really have an offseason. He could be pretty scary going into his fifth year. Taron Vincent as his top backup should be really good rotating in too. 
  • NT-YIKES. Togiai leaving was a shock after he only played 7 games. No idea who the NT is and this is probably the worst spot on the roster. Vincent/Garrett are 6'2" and less than 300 pounds and cant play here. Jerron Cage and Ty Hamilton are in the same position. Darrion Henry and Jacolbe Cowan havent really developed as they have been passed by Ty Hamilton on the depth chart. This is a really important position to watch over the spring. The transfer portal needs monitored here.
  • LB-MIKE-Teradja Mitchell/Craig Young. WILL-Dallas Gant/Liam Eichenberg SAM-Cody Simon/Kvaughn Pope. I have no idea who will start or where they will move these guys around. They are all very good players with quite a bit of experience. I am willing to bet that with all this talent OSU is able to find 3 good players though. Kourt Williams is also somebody to watch as he could fill in as a hybrid guy. 
  • CB-7 Banks/Lejond Cavezos/Ryan Watts/Cam Brown/Tyreke Johnson/Marcus Williamson are all guys who will be in competition to start. This is the next worst group on the roster behind NT. I fully expect they try to find a starting corner in the transfer portal. Drastic improvement needs to happen here. 
  • S-This is actually a fairly interesting position. Josh Proctor gets better and better but he still doesnt seem to be there as a cover safety. They replaced Hooker with Marcus Williamson as the safety on passing downs. Lathan Ransom also played quite a bit at the end of the year. The entire secondary will be a big competition come spring. 

Defensively there are a lot of question marks. Nose Tackle is in a dismal spot without a startable player over 300 pounds right now. The secondary will also be very competitive over the Spring. CB/NT are two places to look forward to a transfer coming in. There is enough talent scattered around the defense to piece together a "good enough" unit but confidence in the coaching and talent level is pretty low right now. By week 14/15 they need to be good enough to give the offense a chance. 

Non Championship Level position groups-RB/NT/CB


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