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Whatever Happened to Player Insurance Contracts Like Tua's

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January 17, 2021 at 9:12pm

I know, 2020 happened and we all had bigger things to worry about, but does anyone remember Tua's loss of value insurance policy we heard about just as Burrow fever started to catch on?  Apparently they were getting more and more common and the contracts protected players if injury allegedly had them fall a certain amount in the draft due to injury.  The school was able to pay for it, it was super permissible under NCAA regs if I remember, and in the coming NIL discussions it has been totally forgotten.


I wonder if Ohio State has been exploring this for certain players on the verge of returning that could still make a huge difference this season.  Not just Fields (he most likely gone), but I could see smaller policies helping the likes of Olave, Ruckert, maybe Bigfoot himself.


Even if you don't think they will use it this year with the covid economic hit the conference is taking, i really hope we utilize these things going forward. Seems like a great recruiting tool.

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