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Defensive Breakdowns (1st Half)

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October 25, 2020 at 9:52am

Took a rewatch of some of the defensive plays.

1) The first long run by McCaffrey on first drive. First, give credit to Nebraska for a good play design. I saw a few "schematic" guys on twitter note how creative it was. As McCaffrey motions into the backfield, the LB's bump to adjust. Browning slips as they snap the ball. He was supposed to pull the trigger a hair faster and knock the TE off track with outside leverage before the WR cracks on him. If he doesn't slip I have to think he makes this play. Nebraska ended up getting a two for one by having the WR crack Browning into Cooper. Banks blocked by the TE. Werner diagnoses the play a hair slow and misses the diving tackle. Besides Browning, Hooker makes the worst mistake on this play by over-running McCaffrey giving him another 30 yards. 

2) The very next play, it's hard to tell the defensive call, but Hooker is rolled down into the boundary and looks to blitz the edge. The DL stunts as well which leaves Cooper in perfect position to tackle Martinez but it almost happens too fast because Martinez is able to see quickly that he can't go the way the play is designed so he takes it backside where the RB is going. The RB doesn't even expect Martinez to follow him and doesn't actually try to block Browning but somehow Browning doesn't realize this and "spills" the RB, which is probably his correct coaching, but you would think his instincts take over and realize he can just make a play on the QB instead of worrying about the RB. Regardless, Nebraska had numbers on OSU on the backside of the (fubar) play which allows Martinez to walk in the endzone.

 3) On Nebraska's 3rd offensive series, Maritnez has about a 13 yard run on a Q Counter. They motioned to an empty backfield which pulled Borland way out of of the box. His OT then pulled for the counter which Borand saw and with Proctor coming down from his FS spot, they could have Maritinez down for a 5 yard gain, which isn't bad for a play the Nebraska has numbers on in the box. But Borland overruns it instead of using Proctor as leverage, he lets Martinez juke him and get an extra 7-8 yards. 

4) On 3rd and 3 with 12 minutes left in the 2nd, NU runs a bunch formation. They run mesh like OSU often does and then run a TE to hook right over the middle of the field. Borland "floats" too far to the bunch because of the RB that goes to the flat. Martinez hits the hooking TE where Borland should have been. Hooker tackles him for a 16 yard gain.

5) A few plays later Werner gets reached by OG on an outside zone by NU. 8 yard gain. Borland runs him down from the backside. Borland got up very slow and comes off hurt.

6) Same drive, a few plays later, NU runs a split zone boot and hits the TE for a big gain. OSU is playing Cover 1 and so one of Borland or Werner should have the TE once they realize it's not a run. I think this one falls on Borland who didn't scrape far enough with the split zone which left him too far away to chase the TE. 

7) Next play Martinez runs for 8, down to the OSU 6. I think OSU is running Cover 6 (quarter, quarter, half) which is new. Banks' WR into the boundary cracks and Banks doesn't recognize it and get's himself blocked by the looping TE. If Banks sees it and attacks upfield then Cooper makes a TFL on Martinez. 

8) A few plays later NU punches it on after motioning to unbalanced into the boundary. OSU does not get lined up in time and RB just barely gets the ball over the line. 

I'll take a look at second half later.



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