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Comment 08 Aug 2020
B10 should start as late as possible like the SEC did. Make championship game in mid december and delay delay delay. The cases have peaked (again) and are on they way back down. If the trend continues we might have a shot but September is too soon.
Comment 06 Aug 2020

Sucks for the seniors but this is really going to hurt the 2022 class big time. Coaches will have to either offer offer just sophomore film or wait until the first few games of 2021. Lot of offers going during camp season I bet. 

Comment 04 Aug 2020

i just had my main level sanded, stained, and sealed. I don't care if the damn Dali Llama and mother theresa come in with cleats, they are getting their ass thrown into the next neighborhood. 

Comment 27 Jul 2020

Curious, I pulled up Aiden Leigh's highlights and then two other OL that OSU has offered in 2023, Payton Kirkland and TJ Shanahan. Ummm, I'll let you decide if Aiden's offer is "legit"....




Comment 22 Jul 2020

Makes sense to me. I think it works to OSU's favor. Seems like visits for JTT and Burton could make a big difference. No pressure from signing on December helps have a chance at getting their visits. 

Comment 20 Jul 2020

McCullough definitely looks like a LB now. Anderson does that drill way better than McCullough though. Dasan just goes straight back mostly instead of changing direction before his break. 

Comment 18 Jul 2020
I just watched his tape the other day and I think he could defintely be that second tier guy to get. His first few throws are ropes while off balance. And he doesnt appear to be a run first guy but defintely has wheels if he needs them. Apparently his family is all Louisville fans but he grew up more neutral. Sounds like UK and Louisville are on him the hardest right now. Competition level in Owensboro is pretty bad though. His school is usually decent for their size but they dont play against too many other good schools.
Comment 15 Jul 2020

She's reaching for that opinion/assumption. Why can't it be a simple as saying that the relationships with the OSU coaches along with Dabo's  insensitivity to racial differences were enough to make him look elsewhere?

Comment 15 Jul 2020
Yes, document every check you get and hire a bookkeeper or learn it.
Comment 15 Jul 2020

You never answered what type of account. Taijkey is talking about IRA's. There are different rules depending on the account. 

Comment 11 Jul 2020

Hicks might be the best LB in the class no matter who else commits. Would love to see some measurables on all these guys there. 

Comment 11 Jul 2020

No doubt. I'm saying Medlock seems more natural at the position, at least as a sophomore. Specifically, Murphy doesn't look as good at Medlock when it comes to block shedding and vision/diagnosing plays. 

Comment 11 Jul 2020

Don't sleep on Medlock. Watch his film and Murphy's. Medlock is the more natural ILB. Better at sifting through traffic and shedding blocks. I like Medlocks film a little better than Murphy's. And he's got the offers to prove it. That said, I haven't seen Medlocks measurables posted anywhere, so maybe Murphy has him beat on that, for those in the know. 

Of course a lot can change between sophomore and junior years.

Comment 10 Jul 2020

ND and the ACC formed a semi-partnership a few years ago where ND will always have at least five ACC teams on their schedule. 

Comment 10 Jul 2020

I think OSU jumped the gun on offering McCullough and they know it. His film just isn't as good as the other LB's that OSU is targeting. Don't get me wrong, he's a nice player, but he shouldn't be ranked top 100. He's closer to top 250. 

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Thanks for that. So using their MVP's to see who was considered a very good college QB. I got eight "hits" and ten "misses". So about 44% of the MVP's turn out. For having 20 of the best high school QB's to choose from I would think they could at least be above 50%. 

2017 - Field (Hit)

2016 - Tua (Hit)

2015 - Shea Patterson (Miss)

2014 - Blake Barnett (Miss)

2013 - Sean White (Miss)

2012 - Asiantii Woulard (Miss)

2011 - Jameis Winston (Hit)

2010 - Jeff Driskall (Push) Should probably be a Miss

2009 - Jake Heaps (Miss)

2008 - Aaron Murray (Hit)

2007 - Blaine Gabbert (Hit)

2006 - John Brantley (Miss)

2005 - Matt Stafford (Hit)

2004 - Mark Sanchez (Hit)

2003 - Rhett Bomar (Miss)

2002 - Kyle Wright (Miss)

2001 - Ben Olson (Miss)

2000 - Brodie Croyle (Hit)

1999 - Brock Berlin (Miss)