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Dawand Jones: Try Him at DT

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October 24, 2020 at 7:28pm

Our defense looks a bit suspect up the middle, got gashed in both the run & short throw game. Dawand Jones is the biggest player on our team and everyone inside the program lauds his competitiveness. Being we are already thin at Defensive Tackle... I say we put the Big Guy in at DT and tell him to disrupt the LOS in the run game, and get his hands up and bat down passes over the middle in the short pass game. I don’t like being exposed right up the middle in both run & pass defense. Big #79 could provide our DL a boost and provide us with the presence we need on that side of the ball.

It’d be better to get some use of big Dawand Jones in the Defensive Line rotation instead of him wasting away on the bench as a backup OL. Thoughts?

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