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Any And All Predictions Against Nebraska

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October 19, 2020 at 10:18pm

There is already a score prediction forum topic that was posted, but this one is more for just random predictions anyone may have on the game. Ex: Individual Stats, turnovers, total yards, etc. Basically just how you think certain aspects of the team will perform. 

My few quick hits:

Zach Harrison: 2 sacks 

Olave: 100+ receiving yards

JSN: 50+ receiving yards

Teague: 100+ rushing yards 

Fields: 300+ yards passing

Sevyn Banks: 1 INT 

Defense: Force 3+ Turnovers 

Buckeyes win by 40+ points

I dunno, I'm just interested to see what some people think about the game in a little more detail than just the score. 

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