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Will Ohio State Follow Through with the Gray Sleeve Jerseys for 2020? UNIFORM THREAD LFG!!!!

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September 16, 2020 at 11:57am

In case you guys haven't noticed, official home and away OSU jerseys are suspiciously not available on Nike.com or Fanatics while pretty much every other school is. Also, for those in Ohio, retail stores haven't been shipped official uniforms since the beginning of the 2019 season. I had starting hearing rumblings of Ohio State going back to the gray sleeved jerseys like we wore against Clemson which would explain the shortage of official jerseys (FWIW I heard they would have white TV numbers instead of black) and then this tweet from Andrew Lind snuck out in December seemed to somewhat confirm it:

Then when 2020 team picture day came, I figured since they were wearing the standard uniform in their team photos, this must have been cancelled. Now with the season over a full month away, all the hype in the world hitting critical mass, and STILL no official jerseys in any online stores, do you think OSU pulls the trigger on this? 

Never thought I'd be so excited for yet another uniform thread, but here we are. Go Bucks, Fire Kevin Warren. 

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