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Detroit News Article Disputing 11-3 Vote

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September 2, 2020 at 9:15am

This is getting good. Now we have the Detroit News openly questioning the 11-3 vote by the presidents. It quotes 2 presidents who say there was not a vote per se, more like an agreement. Is this Warren lying under oath or stretching the definition of “vote”? I know this isnt news to many of you but the repercussions could be enormous. We need sworn affidavits from each president stating if there was or wasnt a vote and how they voted. The presidents, when confronted with this, will not go down with the ship. They will leave Warren out to dry along with the other person who also sent sworn affidavit that a vote took place. Michigan is having their protest this Saturday. They meet at the big house and are supposedly going to march to their presidents house. #FireMarkSchlissel (michigan president).  This is not going away. The fire is getting even hotter. Love it!


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