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If a Spring Season Happens with Just the B1G and Pac-12, Would You Claim a National Championship?

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August 13, 2020 at 12:54pm

This thread will have no debates about what is happening. Just a simple scenario where the other 3 conferences play in the fall and the B1G and Pac-12 play in the spring. With Justin Fields back OSU rolls to a 8-0 season before beating a 7-1 Wisconsin in the B1G championship. OSU would then meet a 1 loss Oregon team in the Rose Bowl leading to an easy win. OSU would be 10-0.

In the fall the Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, and Oklahoma would have a 4 team playoff leading to either Clemson or Alabama winning it all. That winner of the playoff would of course claim a title considering the ACC and SEC have won every title since 2006 except for 2014. Nobody would take anything away from say a Clemson team who goes undefeated and beats Georgia and Bama in the playoffs. Certainly nobody in the media would doubt the SEC team that would win it. That team will without a doubt be considered a/the national champion. 

But would you be comfortable saying that OSU is the national champion if they only need to win the B1G and beat the Pac-12 champion to do it? The Pac-12 hasnt won a title in almost 20 years. Would the media treat OSU how they treated UCF when they claimed their title? Would you simply say you were the spring champion?

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