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The Vote Was Not Unanimous. How Did Each President Vote?

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August 11, 2020 at 3:48pm

This has the makings of the "Tiebreaker" vote in 1973 where AD's voted to send Ohio State rather than the TTUN to the Rose Bowl.  Many think the MSU AD was the swing vote. 

How did each university vote?  As taxpayers - I think we have a right to know.

We know that Ohio State, Nebraska, Iowa, and most likely Penn St. all voted in favor to keep the season (or delay it).

Did TTUN vote against not having a season?  Their President made some statements about a month ago that would seem to indicate that was his position.  JH has to be fuming if that is the case.

Purdue voting against playing the season would also seem to be very inconsistent with the President's feeling about college students and COVID safety.  (Link)

If we gave all of these teams the benefit of the doubt as a "Yes" - that's a vote of 8-6 in favor of "No".

That means Universities like Rutgers (new), Maryland (new), and Northwestern (small / private) had equal say in making this decision - which doesn't seem right.

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