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How Should We Define "Close Contact"

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August 6, 2020 at 12:47am

Protocol... a seemingly overused word at this point to describe Covid-19 logistics.  Here's one that is all but a death knell to the season.

"A 14-day quarantine period for those who test positive and anyone who came within close contact of those who test positive."

First off, the two terms themselves are contradictory.  Contact can't be distant.
--Close: to be within a small proximity
--Contact: to be touching

We all know that an OLman pitted up against a stud DLman for 60 minutes is close contact (also known as football).  But, until 'close contact' is defined, there's too much grey area.  Is it as simple as one tackle?  one block?
A good RB may contact all 11 starters on defense.

It'll be ironic to avoid handshakes at the coin toss, then partake in this:

In the comments: on a scale of 0-10, how many regular season games do you think OSU plays?  I say 2 (and, I hope I'm wrong).



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